Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday Scenes from Last Year's Trip to Italy and Croatia

Last year, about this time, I went to Italy with two friends, for my 64th birthday celebration.  We had a wonderful two weeks abroad, starting with our short stay at a delightful small hotel, the Napoleon in Rome, twelve days on the Legend of the Seas, and a grand finale in Rome.  Highlights of the cruise were an overnight in Livorno, Italy where we got to visit both Florence and spent another day in a quick trip to Pisa and Lucca, driven by a terrific Ricardo from Radiotaxi 24 Ore.  We also visited Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia, my first times in those cities. 

Travel is such a joy to me.  I always encounter wonderful people and my heart explodes with warmth to nourish me for years to come.

With my lovely birthday flowers and champagne from the Hotel Napoleon

The Coliseum which was near our hotel

Vatican Statue, body parts intact

Cheers from the Champagne Bar on the Legend of the Seas

Beautiful Portofino, Italy

Flowered Portofino balconies

The famed Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Cathedral in Pisa

Lucca, Italy, birthplace of Puccini

Deserted Lucca square

The Promenade, Split, Croatia

My lunch in Split, Croatia - scrumptious grilled squid, fresh from the sea

Laundry day in Split, Croatia

Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hillside homes, Taormina, Sicily

Taormina marzipan shop - still there ten years later!

Beautiful building in Venice, Italy

Canal view

Canals everywhere!

Thank heavens for the wine - The Gondolier Restaurant was most disappointing!

A beautiful mask shop near St. Mark's Square,Venice, Italy

Exquisite building on the Grand Canal

Laundry day in Venice


  1. ms. carmen, you are so accomplished! i'm an RN, too, but nothing compared to you! thank you for the comment to my blog! i will link yours to mine!~~~ lovely birthday present!!

  2. I believe you are probably much younger than me, cherie. Being in on the beginning of forensic nursing was wonderful for me...I tell people it's the one time in my life, I was in the right place at the right time. I was one of the founding members of IAFN and it has brought me so much!

  3. What a trip I just had with your wonderful post. Italy is a place I want to visit..I love all of your photos..Beautiful!

  4. Your trip looks so fabulous, brings back memories of my backpacking days. I hope one day when my children are grown up that I can travel again in the company of good friends.

    I've always wondered how they hung out their washing.

    Happy Birthday

  5. I remember, fondly, Liss, the backpacking days of my youth. As I approach 65, with its accompanying arthritis and aches and pains, I prefer a bit more luxurious travel! I can't wait till Oct 1 and this birthday in Europe! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  6. Thanks, Icy...I had fun going through the photos again. I can't wait to go back to Europe in less than eight days..mainly Rome, Pisa, Barcelona..Meditrranean ports...with four friends. All but one have been there so it will be the most fun sharing it with the one who has never seen these places.

  7. Oh wow, my eyes feasted on those photos. You have really captured Italy and Croatia! You are lucky to have visited such places, lovely!

    The picture of the clothesline made me smile, but the leaning tower is er...straight -teehee...just making you smile!

    Looks as if you had a grand time!

    Happy Birthday! Good luck on your coming trips! Post more photos!

  8. Yes, Tes, though they have been working hard to halt the lean of the Pisa tower, I fixed it all so quickly with just the angle of my camera! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It will be so much celebrating with four good friends. I am sure much wine will be consumed as we make our way to beautiful ports and charming cities!

  9. Carmen, As always these photos are incredible. Venice is a place I've always wanted to see and after seeing your photos even more so. I love the coliseum photo too. That old architecture is spectacular. Your squid? Love it!!! Awesome post Carmen :)

  10. Your comments and support mean the world to me, Jo.

  11. I love all your photos! I'm surprised that the Vatican acknowledges the presence of body parts. :) We were in Rome last February - an amazing place. All that history, and so mixed up with the modern world. If I'm honest, I prefer Florence and especially Venice. I've never been to Croatia, but I'd love to. Some day.

  12. What saddened me so much, Sheila, about Rome was seeing graffiti painted on so many beautiful monuments! I guess it's a sign of the times but it really is such a shame that people hold these precious works of art and historic symbols in such low regard. However, it was thrilling to be in Rome where so much history took place. I am so blessed that I have been able to travel as much as I have.

  13. This is first visit to your blog. I love your photos of Italy! My husband is a native Italian and we visited Italy for a month about 8 years ago from the south to the north. Such wonderful memories. We did not visit Croatia and your photos made me want to see it next time.

  14. Thanks for visiting, Pat & Mille Fiori. Italy is so beautiful and I still have so much yet to see. I definitely have the time but not the income any more! I am so glad to have the photos and the memories to cherish. Hope you will come back to visit sometime!

  15. I absolutely love these pictures.What an incredible trip! Would you mind if I used some of your pictures to try to do some sketches or watercolors? The clothes hanging outside is striking. I, too, have arthritis and it's slowed me down. I still am working, but I walk with a cane and ride the mechanical chairs in stores. You must have the most beautiful pictures all over your home. I'm so glad I found your blog. Trish

  16. Of course, Trish, feel free to use the pictures as you wish. I am happy to share anything. I, too, use a rolling walker. Have for the last few years. It didn't interfere with my employment as a forensic nurse, interviewing children who had been sexually abused or in my collecting evidence. Certainly, I could travel better without it but I'll keep going as long as I can! My friends are pretty great to give me a hand as well but I try my best not to burden them.

  17. You travel all of the world.
    It is splendid.

    And you are an artist.
    There are few people who can understand Semi-cursive script.

    I think that Semi-cursive script does not become beautiful if I cannot completely write Regular script.

    Thank you for appreciating it.

  18. very good posting. i liked it. :-)


  19. What a wonderful birthday celebration, Carmen! Those places you’ve visited are really awesome and quite lovely. But I must say that the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ is the one that really captivates me. Isn’t it amazing how it remained standing despite of its unusual tilt? Well, it’s one of places that one should not miss when having a European tour.

    Erasmo Milsap