Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Balinese Dancer

In 1997, I was away from home for on an incredible journey, for over three weeks – the most exotic of my life, thus far.  I flew to Mumbai, where I was the guest  of Ode Santos and his family, a Royal Caribbean crew member I met on my very first cruise with that company, 14-1/2 years ago ( next month, I will celebrate my 65th birthday and my 86th cruise with them in Europe! ).  A month later, I will return to India and will visit several Royal Caribbean friends, including Ode.  I am sure much has changed in India since I was there twelve years ago.  I have grown to love this mysterious place, its people, its culture and its customs, Bollywood, the wonderful food.  I cannot wait to return, especially since my friends now are too numerous to count!  On the Royal Caribbean ships, many call me “the American mother of the Indian crew.”

When I left India twelve years ago, I flew to Bangkok, where I spent two days before joining the Sun Viking for a twelve day southeast Asia cruise.  What an incredible journey that was.  With only 600 passengers on board, it was an intimate sailing experience and one of the most wonderful cruises of my life.  Truly, our assigned dining table was the very best one I’ve ever experienced.  Two of the couples, from England, the Clarks and the Patersons, have become close friends and we have continued to see each other over the years.
During that cruise, we did an overnight stay in Bali.  A troupe of Balinese dancers was brought on board to entertain us and they were incredible.  One dancer, so beautiful, inspired this poem.


A Balinese Dancer

A Balinese Dancer

Exotic and alluring,
Each movement casts its spell,
Evoking myths and legends,
Such dramas she can tell.

Swaying to the melodies,
She drops down to the floor,
With so much grace and beauty,
It makes one’s spirits soar.

She twirls in a flash of color,
Midst temple rhythms old,
Wrapped in brightest brocades,
Flecked in sparkling gold.

Exquisite and dainty,
Her hands have much to say,
As she beckons to a lover,
Then bows her head to pray.

Her dances tell the stories,
Of Bali and its past,
Giving the world a picture,
Of a culture unsurpassed.

Carmen Henesy


Copyright 1997(c) by Carmen Henesy.
All rights reserved.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, PakKaramu.

  2. Wow..your description of a Balinese dancer is just fabulous..I'm watching that dancer through your words..

  3. She was exquisite, Icy...I remember her vividly. Someday, I hope to get back to Bali for a longer visit. She had a little brother who also danced with her and he was equally as wonderful.

  4. You know this is my favorite poem and photo of yours. It's just so colorful, descriptive and fun.

  5. My dear Jo, I believe YOU were the first one to publish it - and the first to encourage me to get my poetry in front of the world. I owe you so much...good thing you don't expect monetary rewards!!!

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    TY for stopping by once again. I had to check out this poem you had mentioned. It truly is wonderful. You are a poet!!.Dancing is fun, calming, enjoyment, and hard work for those that train in such ART!! It articulates, using the face, eyes, hands, arms, hips, and feet , poetry in motion, I had not heard of the Balinese dance style before but now I do.. TY for sharing.