Saturday, September 19, 2009

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Spain

In my travels about the world, I always love to visit marketplaces. La Boqueria,
dating backto the 1200's, situated on La Rambla, in Barcelona, is at the top of
my favorite's list. It has beena part of Barcelona history and generations of
families have sold their wares here.

La Boqueria is a photographer's paradise. Colorful displays of produce, fruits and other wares are displayed beautifully and, for the hungry, there are tapas stands and eateries inside, where you can get fresh grilled seafood. Last year, I feasted on grilled octopus, grilled calamari, and Padron peppers.

It is best to get here early in the day, in my opinion, though it is open from 8AM
to 8PM - closed on Sundays.

Rows of fruit, Boqueria Market, Barcelona 2

Mushrooms 2

Marzipan Madness 2

Litchees and mangosteens! 2

Boqueria vegetables, Las Ramblas 2

Yummy 2


  1. Just saw your new blog here. Love it! It's fun huh? This post is making my mouth water.

  2. You are so accomplished at this, Jo..I am going to definitely need your expertise. You have helped me so much in all avenues, poetry, blogging, jazz, and other personal growth!

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  4. Thanks for these amazing photos. Although I live near Barcelona I've never visited La Boqueria. I better do something about it!

  5. I never miss visiting this market when I am in Barcelona! You must go there....although I am sure there are other wonderful markets in the area. The seafood displays are incredible as well.

  6. The food that this seems to be very delicious.
    Colors are beautiful.

    I am at a loss which I should have eaten.

    Thank you.

  7. Ruma, it is an amazing market. The section with
    Mediterranean seafood is very impressive as
    well but not as much as Tsukiji in Tokyo. It
    is fun, though, to eat at some of the little
    eateries at La Boquerria. I love the grilled
    calamari and octopus, fresh out of the water!