Saturday, September 26, 2009


I wrote this poem awhile back when I was attending a wedding
that was constantly interrupted by ringing cell phones, including
that of the bride groom!!!

Cell Phones

Cell phones are most prolific,
They ring out everywhere,
In ring tones that are hideous,
Making people stop and glare.

People chat quite mindlessly,
In all sorts of public places,
About all sorts of private things,
With no shame upon their faces.

A suspenseful moment at a play,
May have a ringing phone intrude,
When a thoughtless theater goer,
Is mannerless and rude!

The wedding vows are finished,
It's time for rings and things,
But from the groom's tuxedo pocket,
His blasted cell phone rings!

It seems before we buy one,
It be required that we get,
At least a basic training course,
In cell phone etiquette!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2007 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. This poem is adorable. Although I need my cell phone for my job (in fact, I have two)I think they add to my stress level. Back in the day we could get chill more. Now people can find you everywhere. I get tired of all the turning to vibrate and then back on when I come out of a meeting. I guess it's the price we pay for progress. I guess they are great for safety purposes, but your idea about a training session and license is a great idea. I think people are just more rude than they were years ago. Great post and poem!

  2. That was a very clever poem! :-)

    It's so true how cell phones intrude everywhere. I don't get text messaging either.

    Do I have a cell phone? Yes, but it's only in case of an emergency and never to chat..and I like it that way!

  3. Trish, we couldn't live without cell phones and I've even programmed, "You are family" to recognize my sons and relatives! Sad, huh. And they ARE handy. But I try not to use my phone driving and, if I have to, for some reason, always with the bluetooth!

    Pat, as for text messaging, I had to get a phone with a keyboard for the occasional arthritic thumbs just can't handle it...I watch my 24-year-old write volumes in record speed. It never ceases to amaze me!

  4. am with you! power to thoughts and verse like yours!

  5. I have heard cell phone rings off in churches gathering, and wonder why people even carry them to mass..

  6. I don't think it's the Almighty calling, Icy! You'd think, for that brief period, they could leave them home. Once, when I had to testify in court, as I frequently did in my work, I carefully turned off my phone ( or so I thought ) - imagine my embarrassment when suddenly the "I'm a rambling wreck from GA Tech" theme resounded. The judge looked sternly at me and I was full of apologies....especially since I'd made it a point to turn the phone off...guess I didn't push the button hard enough.

  7. I don't understand why people want to talk about all their personal business where everyone stranger can hear them. I like my phone because it makes me feel safer when I'm on the road alone, which is most of the time, but I really hate talking on it for very long.

  8. It is amazing at the conversations people carry on in front of each other, pretty intimate details sometimes, stevie!

  9. I heard a woman arguing loudly--on her cellphone--with her landlord, who she accused of coming into in her apartment without permission. "I need my privacy," she screamed, and I wished to god she would talk somewhere else so that she might have it.

  10. Too funny, Snowbrush...before the advent of cell phones, I think people were more discreet about this short of thing! Things for stopping by.