Thursday, September 24, 2009


A couple of years ago, a friend referred me to, a writing website.  I have enjoyed it, partly because one also has to rate submissions by fellow writers and it is a stimulus to  write on topics you might not necessarily have chosen otherwise.  One such topic was on dating services - I have never used one and, since I'm now into my sixth decade, I find it highly unlikely that I ever will. I did write this verse, however.  REMEMBER, it is purely fiction.  Any resemblance to me is purely coincidental!

Blind Dates

For years, I haven't had a date,
Nor has it felt dismaying,
My friends are always nagging,
"Time's running out," they're saying.

I think my life is very full,
I travel, read, and write,
And never feel I'm lonely,
When I go to bed at night.

But just to humor all my friends,
I joined a dating service,
And several times a week, I got,
All gussied up and nervous!

I met all sorts of different men,
None got a second date,
I'm sure they felt the same as me,
I'm not
their perfect mate!

Carmen Henesy

                            Copyright © 2007 Carmen Henesy.                            
All Rights Reserved


  1. What wonderful humour! I love it.
    Thanks for dropping by my poetry blog and commenting. I hope you do write for your son, it was a hard thing to read out aloud but worth it for me.

  2. good one ms. carmen!

  3. Glynis, thanks for all your comments. I will need several months to work on that poem. Will probably send the drafts to you for a consult!

  4. LOL... it is very good and made me laugh!

  5. I'm glad, Robin...I thought folks might find some humor in it!

  6. Oh bravo, I love it :))

  7. your poem made me smile! i was a divorced mother of 2 for 18 years before i met and married my second husband bill. i really disliked blind dates and usually felt like i would have preferred to be home with a good book!! hee hee