Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - The Nurse is Worse - June 10, 2011

I'm once again a patient,
And gumpy as can be,
Dragging around an IV pole,
Whenever I have to pee.

In spite of a shot of morphine,
And a pill I got for sleep,
I can't seem to get any shut eye,
For listening to machinery bleep.

And Seton Hospital blocks my favorite Facebook games!
I am participating in that charming Mr Know It All's fabulous meme,
Friday Flash 55 - surely you want to be a part of it!

Another spider bite! I woke up in the middle of the night last Friday to a severe stinging in my left ankle. By morning, my ankle and foot were completely swollen and I could hardly put any weight on my foot at all. I had hoped to wait until Monday to see my doctor but, when it kept getting worse and worse, I went to the ER Sunday night. They gave me IV and oral antibiotics and started me on a 14 day regimen. Today, I went back in to see Dr. Yan and she said, "You need to be admitted so we can give you multiple IV antibiotics." So that's my story. I really don't feel well. That's why I've been so poor about replying to your comments and reading blogs, which is almost my favorite pastime. Wish me well and, for those who pray, that might even be good!
 I definitely could use a few prayers.


  1. def seding prayers up for you...sorry you are down...darn spider...get well soon!

  2. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Carmen, the poem is really fun, but also sad that you're back in the hospital. I hope you get well soon, and the drugs worked for you!

  3. Let's counting 1 rainfield, 2 rainfield, 3 rainfield, 4 rainfield.... and you will get bored, and will fall asleep.

  4. Carmen Electra..??
    I sorry about your Arachnid Dilemma.
    Get well soon.
    Thank You for mustering up the energy to do a 55, You Rock!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Carmen, horrible, all this over a spider bite. Please take care and I will say some prayers for you.

  6. Please take care my dear Carmen. Your health is first.



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  7. Oh shoooottt!! That sounds TERRIBLE, Carmen..
    But you posting this tells me that you are pretty much okay now... whhheew!
    Take care, darling...

    Loadsa hugs and kisses coming your way...

  8. Hi Carmen! With the long weekend here in Lisbon (four days off...), I finally manage to stroll around Blogosphere... And look what I read... Hope you'll get better soon!!
    Blogtrotter Two is visiting some beautiful villages... Enjoy when you have time...

  9. Best wishes to you and since I don't ever pray I send you a kiss.
    Please tell me that someone stomped on that spider.

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I would be grumpy too ~ sorry to hear of your hospital stay. Prayers said ~ hopefully to be answered for you soon :-)

    Here's my 55: Friday Flash 55 ~ Repeat Echo

  11. Fun, if sad-circumstances work.

  12. That's horrible! No, no, not your 55 - the spider bite. Hope you heal quickly. Hospitals are no place to get ahead on your sleep.

  13. Oh Carmen! That is too bad. I hope it will heal quickly.

  14. I came over from "A Little Bird Told Me So" and want to say I hope you will be better soon. Sending my best for your speedy recovery!

  15. Aww, saying prayers for you, girl! I miss you, Carmen! :) Haven't blogged for ages but whenever i do, i see your comments right away making me feel I haven't been out for ages. Thanks! Appreciate it a lot! :) Hope you're recovering comfortably. *hugs*

  16. Oh! Too bad this happened.
    Take care.

  17. Sorry to hear about your spider bite. Be good and do everything the doctor says so you can get home soon!

  18. Oh my goodness! Please take care!

  19. manuela8:00 PM

    Thinking of you and holding you in my heart! Get well soon, we miss you!!

  20. oh Carmen, am so sorry, will keep you in prayers, hope you feel better soon.

  21. Things like this are just not fair. I hope you begin to feel much better very soon.

  22. Holy crapshoot, Carmen! May the Good Lord bless your poor ankle and your immune system too.

  23. Oh, Carmen, I'm so sorry. You have made a lovely, witty poem out of the situation and I admire you for it. Thinking of you. Love from Sicily. xxxx

  24. Hope you are improving. Silence is alarming.

  25. A spider bite? I am going to have to be very careful with them around T.