Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "J" Is For Jasmine - June 23, 2011

"J" is for jasmine,
With the loveliest smell,
It's a gift sent from nature,
To cast its sweet spell.

There are many varieties,
Some fill the night air,
Though you can't see it,
It's fragrance is there!

It's a blossom that thrives,
In tropical climes,
Cherished by women,
Since earliest times.

There's no need to lament,
Or to start feeling glum,
It's bottled in perfume,
If you lack a green thumb!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2011 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

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  1. manuela6:16 PM

    I LOVE jasmine, it is my absolute favorite flower scent! thank you for this :)

  2. don't quite remember the scent but you make it sounds so soothing.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Love the poem, Carmen! I have been longing to plant Jasmin in our yard. The scent bring back wonderful memories. Praying for your complete recovery, girlfriend! *hugs*

  4. I love it:-) The write, I don't smell it around here unless I do sniff a perfume or lotion.

  5. Carmen, I love it when the jasmine is blooming in our yard! I wish it would bloom year around! Your poem is a lovely tribute to such a sweet flower!!

  6. I love jasmine and have some right outside my front door that wafts in on the breeze.

    It's lovely, and so is your poem.


  7. I love the smell of jasmine, and the tea is also wonderful.

    Beautiful poem, Carmen!

  8. Dear Carmen: Love your poem as much as jasmine!
    "the loveliest smell"~indeed!
    Only lasts a week or so though, true!Jul 1 here. Reminds me of the Seals and Croft song. I think i still have the Jovan fresh. Thinks the Chinese jasmine soap is lovely plus the jasmine tea Called chinese tea. Fresh scent of a poem; thanks for the to get me a jasmine tree! (bush?)

  9. Isn't it wonderful how scents enrich our lives? Hope your days are sweet smelling.

  10. Oh how timely Carmen! I love Jasmine tea! It smells so very lovely! You should try brewing some of it! Hey, you might want to try the new fragrance by Bulgari! It's called Jasmine Noir! Or was that Jasmine Nuit?? Anyway, Kirsten Dunst is the model for the fragrance, and it smells divine! I love the ad campaign, Kirsten Dunst is sitting alongside a lion (or was that a tiger?) anyway, great ad campaign (admittedly, I am one to buy a fragrance if the ad campaign catches my attention) heheheeh... google it, you might want to wear it! (the fragrance, I mean)


  11. manuela -
    I'm sure jasmine must have been everywhere in
    Cambodia. It really seems to thrive in the

    lissa -
    Jasmine is a very sweet scent and it is the basis for quite a few perfumes or one of the scents used in floral perfumes. You have probably smelled it without realizing it.

    Tes -
    If only my ankle would stop aching, I'd be happy! Oh, you must plant jasmine there in Texas. It should do well in all that heat.

    upinthecosmos -
    I don't often smell jasmine in the San Francisco area,either. I guess it's happier in warmer climes. When I lived in Florida, I had it planted everywhere!

    Judie -
    You can appreciate my poem because you actually have jasmine in your yard. Lucky you, I wish I did. It's always reminds me of growing up in Georgia. Of course, I just assumed, as a child, that it was everywhere!

  12. Sue -
    I think planting jasmine by a front door is a wonderful idea - then it could welcome guests as they arrive and give them a wonderful memory as they leave!

    Icy BC -
    Jasmine in bloom is wonderful and the tea is absolutely delightful. I am never without it.

    chiccoreal -
    How lovely to have you visit!! I wish my landlord had planted jasmine her instead of juniper. It would have made my comings and goings these past 13 years so much nicer!

    rosaria -
    Definitely, smell is so important. I do love the fragrance of flowers - the tuberose is also a favorite of mine as is garlic - though I don't think I would dab that on my pulses!!

  13. I like the aroma of jasmine. And I also like your poem.

  14. Somehow I find jasmine too sweet.

  15. EG Wow -
    Glad you like jasmine and my poem as well!

    Sharkbytes (TM)-
    I love all those sweet smelling flowers like jasmine, tuberose, plumeria, pikake. As soon as you step off the plane in Honolulu, you can catch the scents on the breeze!

  16. Fresh jasmine always makes me smile. It takes be back to the public swimming pool we used to go to as kids :-)
    Happy weekend Carmen, hope you're feeling better.
    xo jj

  17. Hi, thanks for sharing its use.

  18. elegant flower, perfect poem to go with it.


  19. I have jasmines blooming in my little balcony garden right now. :)
    Lovely lines.

  20. My only Jasmin is in the scented candles! Awesome poem:)

  21. Jasmine is such a seductive fragrance. I will smell that on the breezeand always have to stop to catch the scent.

    This was beautifully captured!

    Thanks for sharing your poetic talents with us.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better day by day!

    Hugs and Healing and A+

  22. I love Jasmine! We mostly have star jasmine around here. I love that it blooms near my anniversary and birthday each year.