Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Raging at Cancer - March 11, 2011

Today, my nose is cancer free,
For that, I am most grateful,
But the quite extensive surgery,
Has left me feeling hateful.

They had to do a skin flap,
To close the wound it made,
Now I'll look like Frankenstein,
If I have my face displayed.

Well, I need to get myself a veil!

I am participating in Friday Flash 55, the brilliant creation of Mr Know It All - join in the fun!


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  2. I've been there, done that ... twice on my nose, once on my left cheek, once on my forehead. Skin flaps and all. The wonder of this surgery is that you WILL heal and everything will be OK. No veils required, I promise! Cheers!

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    So glad the cancer is eradicated. Here's to hoping your body heals quickly and that you won't need a veil for too long :)

    All the best to you as you recover!

  4. hey i will celebrate with you! and you alright, no need for the veil...

  5. So glad everything went well.....:-)Hugs

  6. Thank the lord, it is not will heal beautifully. Rest and get better. XXX

  7. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Carmen, you are too beautiful to ever look like Frankenstein. I am so very glad you are cancer-free. When your nose heals, you will look absolutely stunning! love from Florida! love, your friend Debbie

  8. Sending skin-healing thoughts your way!

  9. Carmen, I was aware you had a surgery but I didn't know it was cancer. Thanks heaven it could be extirpated. I wish you recover soon!

  10. Carmen Electra...
    If someone asks about the bandage, you can say that you got into a fight.
    And you KICKED SOME ASS!!
    Cancers Ass!
    Thanks for taking the time to play today My Friend, and as you have already done, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  11. bless you, simply smile because you are here, sharing part of your life with us, smiles.

    you will get well in no time.
    lovely 55.

  12. So glad that you're okay!

  13. I wish you quick healing, and so glad to know it was removed successfully. Take care, my friend. Enjoy your weekend. Adam :)

  14. No need for a viel. You are a walking reminder for us all to take care of ourselves. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  15. Gah, that should have been "veil" of course!

  16. The good thing is that the cancer is gone. Hopefully when you're all the way healed your nose will look just fine. One of my thumbs has scars all over it from surgery. I'm going to think of it as a Frankenthumb from now on. I tell people that notice it that it looks that way because I'm part Martian. Maybe now I'll say I got the thumb from somebody else. :D

  17. No veil needed, you are brave and I admire you for this.
    Wish you a speedy recovery.

  18. Steve Finnell -
    I will certainly check your blog from time to time!

    Helen -
    I am glad your surgeries were so successful. I will certainly take heart from your positive messages and won't go out shopping for veils just yet!

    Titanium -
    Well, though my right eye is swollen and black and blue, I ventured out to American Sushi House and everyone didn't seem too put off by my appearance, even with the big pressure dressing on my nose.

    Brian Mller -
    It's nice to have friends like you who won't make me wear a veil.

    Bernie -
    That hug was just what I needed!

    Travelingjoan -
    Actually, it was a basal cell carcinoma but all was removed and I'm on the way to recovery!

    Anonymous -
    Debbie, my friend, your words of support are
    appreciated so much! I don't think I'll ever be stunning again but, at 66, I'm just glad to be cancer-free!

    secret agent woman -
    You skin healing thoughts must be helping. I've been pain free on my first post-op day, except when I put the frozen peas on my nose!!! The pressure bothers me a bit. I will have to divide the one pound package in half.

    Of all the surgeries one could get, I suppose a basal cell CA is about the least aggressive. I just wish it had not been on my nose!

    G-Man -
    Those good folks at the UCSF Mohs Surgery Center do some amazing work. I was most impressed with the docs and nurses.

    Jingle -
    I know I'll be just fine...just a bit scarred.

    Mama Zen -
    I know it could have been worse. The fact tha this mole was with me since birth and, on my face, I noticed immediately, when it began to change.

    dustus -
    My swollen and black right eye and large pressure bandage on my nose didn't keep me from going out to eat sashimi today - no veil, either!

    PattiKen -
    Skin cancers are often easy to overlook in the beginning so this was a good lesson for me. I learned a lot.

    Ratty -
    If this is the only cancer I ever get in my lifetime, I'll be fortunate. I noticed the change in my mole early on and I got immdiate treatment from the best folks in our area. I'm hoping the scar will, ultimately, be minimal!

    Indrani -
    We'll see how I look in a few months...maybe you'll even see me as I'm still trying to make that trip to India!!

  19. You gonna be fine!

    Hugs for you...

  20. Solid writing, good - in life, as well as electronically - finish. Get better. =)

  21. But you will be PERFECTLY FINE, my dear... just like your writing!!
    Lots of love and best wishes...

  22. So glad that everything went well. The scar will fade with time. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  23. Unimaginable what you went through, but great to see you here. It's a shame that they had to beat you up so much to do the surgery. Hope you heal well and fast. Love.