Saturday, August 06, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Proteus - August 6, 2011

This is another beautiful flower from the San Francisco Botanical Garden, a
treasure trove of  plants and flowers from all parts of the world.  The proteus
is native to South Africa.  The king proteus is their national flower.

I am participating in Barbara's Pink Saturday -
check out the site and add your pink photo to join in the fun!


  1. Such pink loveliness!

    (Here it is sunflower season, they are everywhere right now at the farmers market.)

    A wonderful weekend to you,

  2. It is then a pinky Saturday.

  3. Gorgeous pink flower, Carmen!

    (BTW-I see that you've stayed up late at night and spammed my blogs with your wonderful comments :-) Thank you Carmen, you're a dear friend, but please take care of your health!)

  4. Perfect flower post.
    Joyce M

  5. Beautiful and unusual flower. Happy PS!

  6. so beautiful indeed Carmen, so nice to think you have so much treasures close by. yes, wish one day to be enjoying photo-walks with you and Jo in the Botanical Garden.

  7. Proteus sure are showy. Marie sees them in Hawaii

  8. Hi Carmen
    This is a very unusual and pretty flower! Botanical Gardens are among my favorite places to visit..happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Does it open more fully or stay tightly budded?

  10. Merisi Vienna -
    It is a lovely flower, isn't it, Merisi? I've never seen it growing here - only in flower shops or the Botanical Garden.

    rainfield61 -
    That was my first time to participate in Pink Saturday...I do have a lot of pink photographs so I guess it's a good spot for me!

    Icy BC -
    Somehow, my input of your new blogs didn't go through on my blog and I finally figured it out and did the input again. I had a whole lot of catching up to do. Af for sleep, it always eludes me. I may get four to five hours if I'm lucky - usually broken up into two hours, with an hour or two awake, then another two or three hours!

    Light and Voices -
    I loved that proteus at the Botanical Garden! It's the only place I've seen it - except at the florist or in bouquets.

    Pat -
    I love the proteus and, though I see some unusual flowers here, like the bird of paradise, I haven't seen the proteus grown in
    most gardens.

    betchai -
    Jo and I were talkinga about you yesterday when we were at the De Young Museum. We were trying to figure where we'd have you out trekking so you'd get a little workout of you got out here. Some of our urban hills would probably have you huffing and puffing!

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I really like proteus. They have so many varieties and colors and they looks really exotic in arrangements. Of course, I never get them...but plain old cheery daisies are just as nice.

    Indrani -
    I was thinking that, maybe, you'd see proteus growing in India. Surely, the climate must be a lot like South Africa in some areas.

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    Botanical Gardens are great in that they give us a chance to see flowers from all over the world. I was so excited when I finally visited ours and recognived plants and flowers I saw years ago in New Zealand.

    secret agent woman -
    This pink proteus opens up a bit more but there are so many other varieties that look quite different - wide open with long slender spikes -but they are all exotic!