Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Playing With The Pooches - August 12, 2011

CA State Capitol

I'm glad the Terminator's gone,
To me, he seemed a freak,
Though admired far and near,
For his muscular physique.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 38th governor of California

He did little for the Golden State,
And left office cloaked in shame,
For some politician movie stars,
Every woman seems fair game!

Republican husband, Democrat wife,
Seems, to me, a source of certain strife!

Carmen Henesy

I am participating in Mr Know It All's Friday Flash 55 -
check out the site and join in the fun!

I am a hundred miles north of my Daly City home, house sitting with my two
granddogs while my son, Alex, and his wife, Laura are spending eight days on
a two island vacation in Hawaii - four days on Oaha and four days on Kauai. 
It's Laura's first time in Hawaii though I've taken my boys there twice.
They are having a wonderful time and I am really enjoying the adoration of
these two doggies.  I can't believe how loving they are.  There is no question
in my mind that pets can lower one's blood pressure.  I have felt so relaxed
since I got here.  Taffy and Bucky are constantly with me, following me
from room to room and, of course, they hop onto that California king bed
at night to keep me company.  I'll really miss them when the kids get home!


  1. He looked odd enough back when he was Mr. Muscles. Now that they've atrophied, he looks even odder.

    - Alice

  2. Good one ...enjoyed true...have fun and enjoy your vacation.

  3. Great Arnie poem. You'd think a man of his age and maturity would be able to keep it in his pants.

  4. Carmen Electra...
    I'm about done with the Governator.
    Loved your 55 though.
    Happy Dog Sitting.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. I could not be married to someone who had the opposite political beliefs to mine.

  6. nice...glad to hear you are getting a chance to relax a, the governator made his own decisions, what do you expect from a politican?

  7. Good little poem there Carmen :) Though I find it so unfortunate that everyone wants to lambast this man, as if what he did is so "vile." Good heavens, what a strange nation.....

  8. He certainly turned out to have more muscles in his body than in his brain...

    Sounds like you're having a lovely time with the dogs. Aren't they just the best creatures at making a human feel special?

  9. oh, another strong poem that rings the truth. enjoy your sweet time with your grand dogs Carmen.

  10. That is a wonderful poem, Carmen, about celebrity turns politician, we can't expect much from them.

    Have a great time with your granddogs!

  11. Fun poem, Carmen..and so true!

    Hope you are still enjoying your loving grandpups..they sound very affectionate.

  12. hmmmm!!! Some facts stated!!!
    hugs xo