Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday to Alexander the Great ( the one I delivered) - August 27, 2011

Since I've posted so many pictures already of my children, I won't go overboard
and do so today on Alex's 29th birthday.  I can't believe all those years have
gone by since I agonized in the delivery room, trying to expel that 8 pound, 9
ounce football player from my uterus.  It all happened fairly quickly, thank
heavens, since I didn't even get an epidural!  Part of that was my fault.  I had
Alex at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco where I'd worked both in psychiatry
and the operating room.  My inpatient adolescent psych unit had ceased to
exist and was, in fact, part of the building that had became the Department
of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

I had arrived, in labor, a bit early so I went across the street to visit my pals
in the operating room.  My obstetrician gave me CLEAR instructions to
come back when my contractions were five minutes apart.  I had fully
intended to do so but I waited for one more friend to get her afternoon
break and, the next thing I knew, my contractions were four minutes apart.
By the time, I waited for the elevator, crossed the street to the Pavilion and
waited for that elevator, I realized I was REALLY uncomfortable.  The
nurse checked me and rushed me to the delivery room. 

"Wait, wait," I complained loudly, "I can't have a baby without an
epidural!  I didn't go to classes.  I want an epidural." 

Totally unsympathetic, my doc said, "Don't worry, your son will be here
before you know it." 

I tell you, I never pushed so hard in my life and I guess I pushed him around
so much for eighteen years that he left home for UC Davis after high school
and he's been gone ever since!

Alex is the middle of my three sons!  I'd forgotten about birthing babies since
Shawn was already eleven when Alex came along!  He's a terrific young man
and he chose a wonderful wife.  So far, he's the only one of my boys to get
married.  I owe him big time for bringing Laura into our family ( oh, yes, he
also gave us Taffy, my female granddog! ).

For some reason, as a toddler, Pampers boxes were Alex's favorite toys.  He had
no use for all the expensive toys piled up in his room - that is, other than his
collection of  stuffed leopards and his supreme favorite, "dirty leppie".

Alex and Laura just got back from Hawaii so I'm posting a couple of
pictures from their vacation.

He's certainly gotten skinny since his college football days!

Laura and Alex at the Pali in Honolulu - the two share
August as a birthday month!  Laura's was the 12th
while they were in Hawaii!

Today, while going through yet another stack of papers for the garbage pile, I
came across a booklet Alex did for his English class ( it won't be tossed! ) 15
years ago.  He titled it, "Creative Free-Style Poetry".  His teacher gave him an
A+.  Reading it today, I shed a few tears.  Included among his compositions
were works about me and his brother, Jeremy.  Wonder why his oldest
brother, Shawn, wasn't in there!!

It really want't my intent to have THREE sons.  Each time, I kept thinking
I'd finally have my little girl, to dress in frilly pink frocks, to set her hair in
ringlets, to take on shopping expeditions, to share my love of cooking
and cake decorating.  Thinking about it now, though, I wouldn't give up
any of my wonderful three sons.  Each of them is so special to me, each
unique and individual and I love them dearly.

Alex, on your birthday, I want you to know I truly am proud of the man
you've become, of how hard you work, of your integrity and kindness and
respect for others.  You know what you want and work toward that goal,
regardless of how others might try to dissuade you.  You have a lovely
wife and home and two great dogs who adore you.  I know it is not easy
working your crazy schedule and going to school but you keep your nose
to the grindstone and, eventually, it will all be behind you.  My only
admonition is to, occasionally, take time to stop and smell the flowers.

I love you.  Have a happy birthday.  I am so happy you, Shawn, and
Jeremy were chosen for me.



  1. Wonderful tribute to Alex, and happy birthday to him!

  2. Love the post title. Happy birthday to Alex.

  3. Anonymous4:12 PM

    those poems are so touching, i teared up a little bit myself, and i've never met him :)

    thank you for sharing!

  4. Great post, great pictures. He sure is a good-looking, happy fellow.

  5. It must be something I need tonight--This is the third real positive, upbeat post I've read. All three are Peeps I used to read regularly. Thank you Carmen, for such an uplifting 'family success'
    Steve E

  6. Icy BC -
    Thanks for the birthday wishes to Alex. He's very special to me. I hope, if he has a son, he's just like his dad.

    Steve E -
    It's so nice to see you here!! I'm lucky with my boys. I raised the last two pretty much child support even - but my oldest son was an incredible help. I was a forensic nurse then, on call and away from home many long hours. Lucky they were such great kids!

    Sharkbytes -
    Glad you liked the Alex post. I'm reminded all the time how lucky I was with those boys. It could have gone the other way!

    Manuela -
    You should read some of the other things Alex wrote on my behalf. He was really my protector and defender, in many ways, and for a number of years, when I came home, exhausted from doing a rape case and still had sixteen hours of call ahead of me, he'd give me the best foot massage that would restore me!

    Welshcakes Limoncello -
    Thanks for Alex's birthday wishes! I've sent them onward!

  7. Alexander the Great....I love this. My father's middle name is Alexander. A strong, manly name if you ask me. And I loved the photo of the two in Hawai'i!!!

    A belated happy birthday wish from me to Alexander.

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