Monday, August 01, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #132 - Barcelona Seafood from Medulio - August 1, 2011

After posting about Bacelona yesterday, I've been thinking about that great
city all day.  On my first visit there, I chanced upon a wonderful restaurant
called Medulio.  My friend, Patty, had flown out that morning but I was in
town a couple more days and it was recommended to me by my hotel.  I
went over by myself and had an incredible meal of grilled vegetables and
grilled seafood.  The owner, Jose Luis Lopez Fraga, was so kind to me and
we became friends over the years.  I never missed eating at Medulio when
I was in Barcelona - I usually emailed Jose when I was going to be in town
and I sent friends to dine there when they were headed to Barcelona. 
Sadly, when I was there for my 65th birthday, Jose did not respond to my
email and, when I tried to call the restaurant, there was no answer.  I
finally took a taxi over and found it boarded up.  I was really concerned
and was so happy when I finally got an email from him, saying he was
no longer in Barcelona, having lost his lease after 25 years.  Now we stay
in touch on Facebook!!

The yellow lemons make this qualify for my "Mellow Yellow" post!  I can
not even begin to describe how wonderful this seafood dish was.  I ate this
every time I dined at Medulio.  Besides this, we also had a couple of
appetizers and a wonderful grilled vegetable plate.

This is all that remained after the four of us were done!  Just looking at it
has me salivating!

This is my dear friend, Sherry, with whom I've traveled many places in the
world ( England, Switzerland, Japan, Hawaii, and many places in the U. S. ),
Jose Luis, Medulio owner, and his great chef.

This is Steve and Jenny Clark.  They live in England but flew over to
spend the weekend with Sherry and me in Barcelona.  I met them in 1997
on a cruise in southeast Asia.  They were tablemates for the 12 day cruise
and we have now been friends for fourteen years.  I've been to their home
in England on several occasions, they have been to California twice and
this was the second time they met me in Barcelona.  I have been so
blessed in meeting friends in my travels who have been with me the rest
of my life! 

I am participating in Mellow Yellow Monday #132 -
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  1. Love your photos Carmen. Nice to read your story. Meeting friends in unexpected places and becoming friends for years is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a blessing. Love those smiles too.

    Bonfire is my entry, hope you can come and see. Have a nice week.

  3. Oh, Barcelona. I just posted about a singer who lives there--Manu Chao.

    By the way, Carmen, you sure done good with that photo at the top of your blog.

  4. The seafood looks fabulous.

  5. wow thats looks really yummy...and happy to know that you are one of those people who can meet up with friends/family and go ahead and have a plate ful of new experience ...I can see how good it was from a full served dish to nothing hehe....loved ur blog

  6. Yes, you told me a little about that story. Facebook is a good way to know about friends who are so far away. You know, my friend, I send you blue energy, blue silences and blue drinks in this summer!!! :) I hope one day you drink pisco sour.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  7. oh gee, what great and yummy sea foods!! I am getting hungry!