Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - Another Royal Wedding - July 1, 2011

Today, a prince will marry,
In a land of wealth and fame,
But for me, I'm thinking,
It will never be the same.

I loved Prince Albert's mother,
And recall her wedding day,
Grace, the ultimate in elegance,
A princess in every way!

Albert and Charlene -
I wish you joy - and a bouncing baby boy!

I am taking part in that handsome Galen's, Friday Flash 55 -
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  1. either this is no big deal or i am out of the loop...did not realise there was another wedding...

  2. Boy, this wedding has flown under my radar. Made for good 55 material just the same.

  3. Are they getting married today? I'm with you, it's not the same. Still, I'm glad you wrote a poem for them and they should send you a royal thank-you letter.

  4. Nice one - I wasn't even aware of this wedding!

  5. Perhaps the fact that all the world isn't breathing down their necks will allow this couple to have a happy wedding day...good for you for mentioning it!

  6. I always joked that I was the lost Grimaldi sibling!

    I know what you mean, Grace was unlike anyone, both generous and beautiful.

    I figured Prince Albert was not interested in marrying, so his news was pretty amazing. She's a beauty!

  7. Carmen Electra...?
    You crack me up!!
    You are so kind to an old fart.
    I Loved your 55 My Friend.
    A Royal Flush.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Fourth of July

  8. Not much news coverage on this here.
    You have written wonderful lines for them.

  9. Brian Miller -
    I've always kept up with the Grimaldi family
    since Grace Kelly was my favorite. I think
    Albert thought it was time he marrried ( at 53 )
    to ensure an heir since neither of his two illegitmate children qualify!

    Monkey Man-
    Though it didn't garner the press of Kate and William, for a tiny principality, they're spending $70 million and have a few big shots in attendance. His bride looks a lot like his mother!

    Josep -
    Just like his parents, it's a two day wedding, with the civil ceremony today and the religious one tomorrow. I never go to Monarco ( five times now ) that I don't go up to the Old Town to vsit Grace's grave in the cathedral.

    Other Mary -
    I still have the scrap book I made fifty years ago when Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier. They met when she was filming "To Catch a Thief" in Monaco! It's interesting that Charlene resembles her!

    Indrani -
    I thought that royal wedding fifty years ago was the most beautiful of all. Grace Kelly made the most beautiful princess and she completely committed herself to that role. What a tragedy
    that she died in that horrible crash, plunging down Monaco's cliffs. I think she had a stroke.

    G-Man -
    I was hoping to catch some of the wedding on tv but it looks like I'll have to depend on the prince's website for any news. I'm anxious to see her dress tomorrow in part II of the wedding, the religious ceremony. They had the
    civil ceremony today.

    hope -
    The entire principality is included in the events - last night's concert by the Eagles, dinner tonight, the outdoor wedding at the palace tomorrow.

    Eveyday Goddess -
    I think, at 53, Albert figured it was way past time her worked on a legitimate heir. I think his wife is lovly - she reminds me of Grace!

  10. I enjoy the changes in your header photos. They are all fabulous photos. Princess Grace's hometown was my part of the world and they still speak reverently of her. Kelly Drive is a major street in Philly. I followed that event also when it happened. Maybe the religious ceremony for Albert today will be more showy than the civil ceremony was yesterday. I will look for photos of that event.

  11. I'm excited for Prince Albert
    Grace was a gem hope she has a beautiful grandchild to carry on (without her)

    hey I'm going to be up your way soon ( alot) gotta do coffee, tea, vino ...

  12. I love your blog template!
    Those images you do on the header are breathtakingly serene!

    A nice celebrating 55
    Sunday hugs xox