Thursday, November 05, 2009

Los Amigos at Los Amigos

Last night, I joined my friends, Beth and Luther Stanton, for the weekly rendezvous with their friends, Dale and Tommy Wommack.  Their choice of dining establishments was a cavernous Mexican place, called Los Amigos, newly relocated near my mother's house.  We were warmly greeted by Laeticia who they knew from the previous restaurant and I was delighted to be able to speak Spanish again.  The place was nearly empty but the five of us made enough noise to rival a Saturday night crowd.

We ordered margaritas, of course, and my poison was a "top shelf GRANDE with a shot of Patron reposado on the side, minimal ice.  Talk about tasty!  Much to my surprise, they even had entertainment - a very good guitar player who even accommodated our request for 60's songs.  

I couldn't believe he even knew music from that era!  Once we had enough of our margaritas on
board, we even provided loud and off-key lyrics to his playing.  I don't think he really minded as we did put money into the tip jar and applauded loudly.

Luther, me and my margarita

Luther and Beth Stanton, Carmen Henesy

I laughed so much at all the stories the Stantons and Wommacks told of their adventures together.  I've missed out on a lot living so far away and only coming home for such short visits. 

Dale and Tommy Wommack

Dale Wommack and Beth Stanton

We spent about two hours talking, singing and laughing.  We ate so many tortilla chips with hot salsa and cheese dip, we weren't really hungry anymore so the five of us shared two orders of chicken fajitas which were really good.  It was a terrific evening for this group of senior citizens!


  1. Margie: Please ship me 2 of those drinks. I'll call you when I wake up after drinking them.

  2. Carmen, you and your friends know how to have fun.

  3. Thank you for stopping over at my blog... what kind words :) May we BOTH get back to India soon :)

  4. You're having such a great time back at home! Glad to see you having fun!

  5. Is it the camera angle or is that margarita the size of a fish bowl :-)
    it looks like a terrific evening.

  6. Margie & Edna: I did sleep very well last night!
    Wonder if UPS will let me send you the drinks.
    Lakeviewer: It's been really nice spending so
    much time with Beth & Luther and their friends.
    Sometimes when I'm home, we hardly get to see
    each other.
    Geeta: ditto on our seeing India soon. I agree,
    though, we must make the most of our time with
    family and friends here until that happens.
    Icy: This is the most fun I've had on a home
    visit in years. We were out again tonight
    and, tomorrow, we're going for Greek food!
    Joanna: it isn't the camera...that was a HUGE
    margarita! A great evening was had by all!

  7. 60s songs are the best as far as I'm concerned, but then I'm rapidly turning into an old fogey. That Margarita looks very fine, I must say.

  8. That Margarita does look HUGE, Carmen. Do you know, I've never tried one. I shall have to do something about it. I've never tried Greek food either. Come to think of it, I don't think I've been around much at all.

  9. Mulled Vine - it was one of the best margaritas
    I've ever had and it lasted the whole two
    hours we were there. The added shot of
    Patron Reposada really spruced it up.
    I agree with you, the songs from the 60's
    were great...all three of my sons, 38, 27, &
    25, are fans of them, too.

    Valerie, it was a huge margarita...I ordered a
    grande and they certainly did the word
    justice! Oh, I love Greek food...I've been
    to Greece several times and, of course,
    nothing can compare to eating it there.
    The lamb is wonderful as is anything with
    their yogurt...and the spanokopita...
    spinach with phyllo dough is so good!