Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Things That Go Bump in the Night - October 29, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Things That Go Bump in the Night - October 29, 2010

Things that go bump in the night,
Really give me a fright,
I'd rather be home and not seen,
And go candyless on Halloween.

There'll be be witches and goblins about,
Doing all sorts of evil, no doubt,
I'm afraid I'd fall under their spell,
And plunge my lilly white soul into hell!

Poor me!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c)  Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 
I'm participating in Flash 55 Friday, brainchild of G-Man aka Mr. Know-it-all.

Congratulations, GIANTS, you did it again! 
Keep it up in Texas!


  1. Creepy image, fun 55. Candyless on Halloween? Not me.

    You a Giants fan? Folks are partyin' non-stop 'round here in SF. Kind of a big deal.

  2. the previous image is so scary!! Why miss the fun of Halloween?? :)

  3. I love LOVE Halloween, this was a special treat for me.

    And as for the Giants....ya, the way the Rangers are playing....BOO to Rangers.

    Artsy-Fartsy is my Friday Post Just scroll down below the 'artsy' part. hehehehehe

  4. yikes that first pic scared me too...ha ha halloween! nice 55.

  5. Being afraid is part of the fun. Happy Halloween, ya scaredy cat! (LOL!)

  6. Congratulations, GIANTS!!
    The team seems to keep people waiting.
    The champion comes soon to there. . .

    Yes. The smiles are good for San Francisco!!

    Thank you.

  7. Hello Carmen,

    You and I are the same in that we both are scared of Halloween.. hehe.. I am a big scaredy-cat myself and I don't like the thought of witches and warlocks and what-nots running about! haha!

    Your poems make me smile.. they are mostly light and fun to read, and I like that .. :) :)


  8. very scary, carmen....loved it...

    napa will be so beautiful in travels, my friend and happy halloween !!!


  9. OH my
    I amwith you I'd rather stay candyless...
    Terrible terrifying face spoooooky

    Anyway- hey, happy halloween!!

  10. That first shot scared the you know what out of me. LOVE the poem :) My prediction on the Giants was to take it in 5 but I'm now starting to think we'll sweep. They are INCREDIBLE!!! Fear the Beard and Go Giants!!!

  11. While dreaming of all things that are Spooky.
    My eyes became heavy and Droopy.
    The Most frightening fantasy.
    Was a knife weilding Carmen Henesy
    I now can no longer have nooky...

    Happy Halloween, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  12. That was a horrifying face in the first picture. Very cute Halloween 55, but I gotta tell you, the candy is worth the risk.

  13. That was so funny, Carmen, the most terrifying mask and the cheerfulest Halloween poem. I don't know who the Giants are but I'm glad they caused you happiness! :)

  14. Oh, you need no candy to be sweet!

  15. Hardy, har! I'm not a big Halloween fan either.

  16. Wow! A good scary shot.
    A nice sunny poem too. :)

  17. ah you will be fine, just eat all the left over candy and blog....very nicely penned 55er, but hated the ghoulish photo. Yikes scary creepy thing.


  18. Happy Halloween to you. That is one creepy image.