Friday, October 08, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Going to New Orleans - October 8, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - Going to New Orleans - October 8, 2010

My generous sons have given me,
A trip down memory lane,
Thursday, I'm New Orleans bound,
Can't wait to board that plane.

Katrina spoiled our 40th,
So we've catching up to do,
My Charity class at nursing school,
Hopes no new storm will brew.

I hope to find some oysters that haven't eaten any oil!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2010 Carmen Henesy.
All Rights Reserved

I am participating in Friday Flash 55, sponsored by the brilliant Mr. G-Man!


  1. Have a fabulous time. And I hope you find some of those oysters too.

    Mine is up.


  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Woot great 55. I bet you have a great time. :)

  3. yay! that is quite the treet...have fun down the food...nice 55.

  4. Have a wonderful time, Carmen. I was in New Orleans in 1980, when some (a very few) of the old musicians were still around. I loved Preservation Hall and Bourbon Street because my musician father raised me to love Dixieland jazz.
    Of course you'll find the city changed but, as I understand it from friends who have been there post-Katrina, there's a new sense of community. I'm looking forward to reading about your reaction.
    -- Kay, Alberta

  5. ah, New Orleans, back up and running :)

  6. Oil free oysters might be a challenge.

  7. brilliant 55, enjoy every minute of your trip!!

  8. What a nice surprise in your 55!

    Have a great time - Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!
    (Let The Good Times Roll!)

  9. I was there in 1958 when a lot of the old musical peeps were still performing well. Best I remember Pete Fountain, and Oh heck, a lot of others.

    Also the song made famous by Clyde McCoy: heard him play it: SUGAR BLUES...Memories, Carmen, and I thank YOU for them!

  10. OOOH J'Adore New Orleans!
    Merci pour la cinquante-cinq.
    Laissez les bon Temp Rouller Chere...

    Central Market...Muffellatta
    Cafe du Monde...Beignets
    Au Revoir...Bon Voyage....G

  11. HaHa, oysters without oil, I like that. You are going to have a great time, enjoy!!!

  12. Prayer Girl -
    I'll be lucky to find oysters that weren't in the Gulf but I might find fresh water crawfish!!

    Thom -
    It will be great to see the gang again, definitely a little wrinkled and graying. but, we'll be rehashing memories when we were living it up in our youth!

    Brian Miller -
    New Orleans, like New York and San Francisco, is one of the best eating places in the U. S. I will really enjoy indulging while I'm there.

    Kay L. Davies -
    I grew up on Dixieland jazz and still love it to this day. I also like blues and country music, as well as the symphomy! Preservation Hall has been part of my life since my nursing school days.

    Kay -
    You know, sadly, New Orleans is still not up and running like it should be. Driving around, you still see so many places boarded up since Katrina and little work done on fixing the city up. It all is so sad.

    Alice Audrey -
    I think you're right. It may be a long time before we can get Gulf oysters that are no longer contaminated by BP oil.

    clean and crazy -
    There is no doubt, I will enjoy my New Orleans visit.

    Eric Alder -
    Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! Amen! Going to nursing school in New Orleans was always great fun - though the Daughters of Charity kept us in line!

    steveroni -
    Well, I started nursing school in September of 1962 and Pete Fountain and Al Hirt were going strong, with their clubs in the Quarter. Of course, it was always great hearing Dixieland jazz on practically every corner.

    G-Man -
    Can't wait for French Market coffee and beignets and would love to find some good soft shell crabs to go with them. Wish I weighed what I did when I was in nursing school. My French Quarter apartment that I had right out of nursing school was made into a bed and breakfast many years ago - it was on Dauphine Street. Don't know if it's stil there.

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    I'm going to hate missing Sony and Jerry...why does it always happen that I have conflicting things!!!

  13. Yay! Have a fantastic time.

  14. Bon voyage and let the good times roll, cher! You won't have any problem finding oil free seafood of any kind in New Orleans. They've made sure of that! Enjoy your time in N.O. and have all the fun you can!

  15. Oh wow, I should have come by when this post was published. I would have had a nice imagination of me hanging on the plane with you. haha. Nice kids you have.