Monday, February 08, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Check out the rules at Mellow Yellow Monday and join in the fun. 


  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    When I see tulips I think of spring, Carmen! Beautiful flowers!

  2. Beautiful pics of flowers :)

  3. Oh my those are beautiful tulips!!~ Happy 65th B-day to you too!!~ Thanks for stopping by:) Debbie Hope to see you again...

  4. Carmen..glad to see you stopped by dear one...

    love the flowers...beautiful..
    and YES GO SAINTS we were so excited...about time something good happen.....

    off to the grocery store....

    more later,

  5. Hi, Carmen, thank you for awaking me with your comment, he, he! That was so nice of you. The thing is I want to do too much things and I don't want to choose. I wish I knew an idiom in English to express when someone can't handle all the things he stubbornly keeps doing. That's me! Anyway, I'll try and post something soon. Your tulips are great, by the way :)

  6. rainfield61 -
    This is one of my favorite Butchart Garden photos!

    Icy BC -
    Tulips do show up bright and early to make us forget how bad the winter was.

    Marinela -
    I wish I could visit Butchart more often - I think they are the most magnificent gardens in the world.

    Debbie -
    thanks for the belated birthday wishes.
    Glad you liked my cheery tulips.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen -

  7. My Farmhouse Kitchen -
    Whoops, posted too soon, I was going to say, I'll bet there's something good cooking at your house

    Fullet -
    I guess you could just say you're overwhelmed. That's how I feel some days - too much too do and not enough hours in the day!

  8. Just prrrfect!

    Loved it


  9. wow. so beautiful. a ray of sunshine for me...5 more inches of snow tonight here... : (

  10. Anonymous4:26 PM

    lovely image
    Will check out the rules

  11. these are lovely flowers .... i'm sad these kind of flowers cannot survive the tropics .. we don;t have this in the Philippines.... we have the cut ones ... lovely!

  12. Bletated happy birthday to you, since it is my first time to visit you. thank for dropping by and hope to see you around the yellow corner :)

    Vernz is right, we have only the cut ones. I reaaly love tulips!

  13. Brian Miller -
    The pictures of all that snow are just too much
    for me. I remember my years of living in the Lexington - Concord area, beautiful most of the year and, also in winter but I hated dealing with the snow.

    Dulce -
    Aren't those tulips breathtaking?!!

    Vernz -
    Yes, I imagine tulips would have a hard time in that hot weather but you do have lovely blossoms that are perfect in the Philippines!

    Life Moto -
    I am honored to have you visit me and do hope to see you again!