Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - The Indian Festival of Holi - 3/1/10

Holi colors by kkalyan

 Colorful fellow by dvortygirl

 Holi pigments by alschim

Holi color seller by carol miller

To all my Indian friends and others who celebrate the Festival of Colors or Holi, I wish you a joyous celebration.  I am sure that Hitesh, Braja, Geeta, Deepak, Shiju, Rajesh  or our other Indian bloggers can better tell us about this spring festival which is celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and others, according to Wikipedia.  It can last up to sixteen days and many have participated in the ritual of smearing colored powder on each other and throwing scented and colored water.

Celebrated on the day after the first full moon in March, Holi is a time of fun, joy, music and dancing.  Learn more about Holi at: or


  1. Very interesting, I did not know there was such a thing. Thanks for sharing. take care.

  2. thanks Carmen.....nice picture you collected......

    i got you a link

    this is from a university in India, they have one of the most amazing holi celebrations.....all colors...and drunk people dancing around....though that's not the spirit of holi.....i mean getting drunk and making a chaos....but they all are doing here....they are neglecting the differences in the society and coming forward to celebrate Holi with all.......and that's the true spirit of Holi.

    thanks for the mention....i miss not being home for this.....more so...i'm sitting in office...cause in Southern India people don't celebrate Holi... my bad....... :)

  3. Hi Carmen! March has arrived and maybe this awful winter will be gone... Happy Holi to all those who celebrate. Great Festival of Colours!!
    Lovely intense colours you found...
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is still in Haiti, now at Malfini beach. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

  4. Very colorful and beautiful photo!

  5. Wow! 16 days is a LOOOOOONG party!!Lolol

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  7. A festival of colors sounds like a wonderful idea. There are so many things like this that I wish we could adopt here.

  8. cinner -
    Right now, I wish I was celebrating anything. Reading about Holi helped cheer me a bit!

    Hitesh Rawat -
    Next year, you will just have to institute Holi in your locale. After all, I'm am sure there are many others like you who are working far from their families and friends who would love to celebrate. Of course, you would have to get the colors and everything sent to you! As for the partying,well I trust you can manage that, my friend. It seems a bit like Mardi Gras festivities.

    Trotter -
    Well, I think it's nice that the vacation continues but why aren't you there as well?

    ICY BC -
    I wish I could be around Holi celebrations just once. I know my Indian friends love it and often go home from the U. S. for the occasion.

    willow -
    I guess, in our world today, we need any joyous occasion to celebrate!

    ruma2008 -
    You are so generous. When I get home, I will borrow your lovely photo for my blog header for a little while and, of course, I will let folks know the amazing friend who gave me permission to do so! It's a beautiful welcome to spring. Thanks, my friend!

    Ratty -
    My penchant for different colored eyeshadow would fit right in with the Holi celebrations!

  9. I've never heard of Holi before, but throwing coloured powder and water at each other sounds like great fun. :-)

  10. Happy Holi! If there's a party, I'm celebrating it! Could somebody had me some of the magenta and hot pink? Got ya with a dab of Brahmn Yellow. Who Krishna Blued my dog?