Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Exercise - Where Have All the Endorphins Gone?

Many of you have heard me talk about Jeremy, my 25-year-old, who graduated with a degree in kinesiology from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  He's a bright handsome young man who was a high school football and track star.  In college, he was a decathlete, both at the College of San Mateo and Cal Poly.  Needless to say, he's tall and lean and in great shape, after years of hurdles and leaping over poles, running, lifting weights and the like.  Lo and behold, he returns home, takes one look at his ancient, overweight, sedentary mother and begins to seriously take me to task about my health.  Briefly, he had me going to the track at Skyline College, with my walker, and, huffing and puffing, I'd do a mile while he ran five.  Then he'd have me on the ground, while I did the exercises he requested.  Now, I know that Jeremy really has my best interests at heart and he wants me to live to a ripe old age in the best of health - but I have to get myself motivated first - and I guess I'm not yet.

I've read dozens of articles that talk about endorphin release and the related feelings of euphoria that happen with exercise.  I just never seem to reach that state!  It is well documented that exercise helps people cope with mild depression more easily, especially as people age.  It even creates new neurons in the brain!  So I know I need to get off my duff, spend less time at the computer and more on the treadmill which is less than three feet from me as I type!  Jeremy isn't even an ogre.  He's asking me to get on for four ten minute sessions a day.  

I've started and, for the last three days, I've done it...but, I have to admit, it doesn't take much to lure me from my committment.  In the meantime, I've found some cute cards to send to Jeremy.  I hope he still has a sense of humor!!

Shannon Martin, Girl Designer at Madison Park Greetings

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  1. Hilarious! If God had wanted me to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor :D I should have taken that photo of you on the treadmill in Culver City. I can't believe you exercised while there. All the while me sipping on my drink and eating quesadillas

  2. A good, brisk sit; love that but at least I've got a massage cushion going underneath me! The secretary spread has certainly set in since the treadmill gave up and blogging took over! Time to invest in a new one - 4 ten minute sessions doesn't sound too hard!

  3. hahahaha I bought a Wii and swore to hubby that I'd use it every day.

    *cough* Um...yes...and I intend to...someday.

  4. Hahahahahaaa.....a woman after me own heart, matey!!hughugs

  5. I love those cards, Carmen..I would bend over and do a bit more exercise too if there were diamonds on the floor..

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Trying to teach German as a foreign language to kids ranging from eight to thirty-two years of age, provides indeed exercise, even though mostly for the nerves; there are however also moments of endorphins, especially when it comes to exam season.
    Please have you a wonderful Wednesday.

  7. That euphoric state is very real. I never knew it existed until I started exercising. If I exercise hard I go through every range of emotion as if they are all draining out of me, until that really good feeling comes over me, and it stays. I've been trying to convince my own mother of this, but everyone has to find out for themselves.

  8. I feel the same....grins here.....:-) Hugs

  9. Your cards and the post is adorable. I also have people fussing at me about exercise. I do what I can do and when I hurt I have to rest. I know I should get in better shape, but when my feet, knees and hips start hurting it's hard to keep moving.

  10. You got a good son there, someone who wants you to live long and prosper.

  11. I can so identify! I have felt the endorphins kick in before. I have to be half dead before it happens though.

  12. This was very funny Carmen! I can so sympathize with you how hard it is to keep exercising when our knees and hips and everyhting else ache and just want to sit. I do agree that an hour of moderate exercise every day will help us live longer, so Jeremy has your best interest in heart! That's a good son!

  13. Beautiful and nice card !! Nice article on Exercise.Great post.

  14. Just keep at it! I came late to exercise - I hated it when I was a teen and in my early 20s. But I finally started doing it regularly and after a while, you know what? That thing about the endorphins is TRUE! That's probably what got me addicted to exercise (FYI, endorphins are also what get you addicted to heroin; exercise is a whole lot healthier!). Exercise is an important part of my day and my life now. But I had to make a habit of it first before the good stuff kicked in.

  15. Poetic Shutterbug -
    if you had caught me on the treadmill in Culver City, I would have accused you of sipping my martini!

    Alaine -
    I have to admit, it's not bad doing a ten minute
    treamill session every hour...I need an ejection
    button to get my butt out of the chair, though!

    CastoCreations -
    a few years ago, the boys gave me a really nice
    ipod and my oldest download terrific music on it for me...and I use it, but not for exercise!

    Icy BC -
    it wouldn't even have to be diamonds - opals,
    amethysts, other stones might tempt me to exercise!

    ρομπερτ -
    I'm sure your students wish they had paid attention more - and studied a little harder -
    when exam time rolls around! I am so glad both my younger sons are fluent in Spanish. When they were infants, I advertised for a monolingual Spanish speaking housekeeper ( as a sexual assault nurse examiner, I was on call all
    hours of th day and night and had to come and go
    when the hospital and police phoned ) - Alex and
    Jeremy grew up speaking Spanish like native speakers. They continued studying in high school
    and graduated with state high honors in Spanish.
    I think it is so important for everyone to know a second language.

    Ratty -
    I do remember, from my youth, how good it felt after a vigorous workout. It's just harder to do
    them nowadays, with my aches and stiff joints.

    Bernie -
    somewhere around here, there's an exercise book I
    ordered for folks over 50 - but I don't even know where I put it!

    Nana Trish Is Living the Dream -
    oh, I can so relate to everything you said. When
    you hurt, it's hard to exercise!

    lakeviewer -
    Jeremy does care about his mom, I know. I know he pushes because he loves me!

    steviewren -
    I have to have a nice glass of wine at the end of my workout so I'm not sure I don't feel better because of that or it's endorphins!

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    Blogging is so much more fun than exercising! The boys are trying to figure out a way to hook
    the computer up to the treadmill!

    Unseen Rajasthan -
    If I don't exercise, I'll never be able to ride an elephant - and certainly, not a camel, in India!

    Janiss -
    unti my back surgery 25 years ago, I was so active, exercise, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, the whole works...but, with being disabled a year and a half, everything seemed to change. I had ongoing problems and flare ups and I just gave up. I know I have to get my head focused and try!

  16. ha ha ha That is the best phisosophy of LIFE!!! Now what does your son say about that?

    You are so funny and practical! I love it!

  17. Hi Carmen,
    I'm trying three nights a week...this was a wonderful post, It didn't help me any with keeping my momentum up though...ha ha hah,....


  18. Diamonds on the floor...LOL
    Good luck with your venture, I am not a fan of exercise. Four dogs help me get out walking.

  19. I saw what kind of exercise you did in Culver City. Looks like running after a Margiedale will have you in shape in no time.

  20. carmen...all too funny..and yep...me too..nothing like a nice brisk sit....

    loved hearing about cal poly...my alma mater

    (graduated from cal poly and don't know how to spell mater, mader? ) help :-{

    more later, friend

  21. Love these!! Oh my diamonds on the ground would be motivating!!

  22. oh bless he must love you lots to care that much. I dont think i could talk my mom into exercise lol

    i hate it exercise too. I dont know how people can do it every day!!

    p.s I just noticed you added my blog Travel Shack to your blogroll. Thats so nice of you thank you. I will add you to mine too x

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    Gossip Avenue
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