Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Be My Valentine - For Ruby Tuesday

The theme for Ruby Tuesday is Valentine's Day and the color red.  Go to the site and read the rules, add your blog to Mr. Linky and join in!

Be My Valentine

I don't believe in fairy tales,
Or Santa Claus and such,
But I do believe in kindness,
And a loving, tender touch.

I don't believe in pots of gold,
At a rainbow's colored end,
But I believe in happiness,
With my very dearest  friend.

I don't believe in lucky charms,
Or in playing games of chance,
But I believe in starry nights,
And the warmth of new  romance.

I don't believe in potions,
In concoctions, or other brews,
But I really do believe in love,
Which Cupid's arrow can infuse!

So on this day for lovers,
I hope you won't decline,
When I come right out and ask you,
If you'll be my Valentine!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2009 by Carmen Henesy All rights reserved.


  1. An attractive illustration and a touching little poem.

  2. oooooo.....

    this is good.....this would certainly make any one talk.......
    It's less than a week....and cause i'm not seeing anyone these days.....i'm planning a nice day with friends.....i mean other single friends....\,,/

  3. I'd be honored if you'd be my valentine! he, he he.

    Cute poem.

  4. How Pretty Carmen!!! Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Carmen, you are really a great poet! I love this poem.

    (Regarding the comment that you're spending way too much time with the computer, you're not alone!
    I don't have a life either :-), and yes I also neglected my household chores. My son said my laptop got to sit more on my lap than he does...just so you know, I'm here with you :-0)

  6. Precious shot and beautiful poem!!

  7. Your poem is wonderfully clever!

  8. This is totally sweet! Happy Valentines Day a little early but none the less well meaning.

  9. Another cute poem Carmen....Have a wonderful Valentine's Day......:-) Hugs

  10. I like this one. Your poems are good because I can understand them and I can identify with them. I always enjoy reading them all.

  11. I have an award for you on my blog! It's called "the happy blog award" and I pass this award on to you, because you make me happy! :)


  12. Precious shot and beautiful poem!!

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  13. Lovely poem!!!!
    Thank you for my Valentine Birthday wishes. :)

  14. Rinkly Rimes -
    Thanks for stopping by - glad you liked my Valentine!

    hitesh rawat -
    I think it's great to spend Valentine's with a group of single friends - who knows, you might just meet that special someone if Cupid is out and about!!

    Liss -
    I can't think of a nicer Valentine than you!

    Donna -
    I thought that little baby Cupid was the perfect
    match for my Valentine poem...a big hug to you.

    Icy BC -
    Your son sounds so cute! Jealous of your computer, huh?

    Mar -
    Thanks for stopping by and reading my poem!

    Maggie May -
    Feel better! Hope it's warmed up in England and that the snows have melted. At least, you don't have to be all bundled up to travel the internet world!!

    Stine in Ontario -
    I appreciate the kind words about my Valentine poem!

    maggie's garden -
    I always send my cards early - or they don't get out!! Wanted to remind others that Valentine's is coming!

    Bernie -
    A poem is about all I do for Valentine's any more.

    Ratty -
    You can't know how much it means to me that you like my poems.

    C -
    what a nice thing! I picked up the award. Goodness you have accumulated so many of them!

    prashant -
    Merci, gracias, arigato, etc for the kind compliments.

    Carletta -
    I really hope you have an especially delight Valentine's and birthday!

  15. February 10th, 2010
    Hi Carmen,
    Lovely poem! I really like it. Sweet picture.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  16. sooo adorable!!

  17. you are invited to join our Valentine Linky Love train.


  18. Anna -
    Thanks for stopping by - so glad you liked the Valentine poem!

    Ayie -
    Are you baking Valentine's treats? Wish you'd send some my way!

    Valentine Linky Love 2010 -
    I'll try to get on board your train!

  19. It is a very pretty sleeping face.
    The gentle face heals a human heart.