Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thanks to One and All - Slowly But Surely, A Home Is Finalizing - Home, June 12, 2013

I cannot believe my stay at the J. K. Regency is now into its 8th day.  Two days
ago, the phone went out, supposedly because of the monsoon rains.  When
I want room service ( no restaurant here in which to eat but, somewhere in the
bowels of the hotel, someone cooks ), I have to call the front desk on my mobile!
I did my Trip Advisor review and I haven't really changed my opinion.  I would
never again stay here.

I've been out with two different brokers to see properties.  I specified, very 
clearly, my needs...among them, ground floor, or a lift.  The man, with whom 
I was out yesterday, took me to four places.  Three of them were on the 1st 
floor.  I can manage one flight of stairs but, when we came to the last place
and it was on the 2nd floor, I was furious and told him to get out of the rickshaw
and I headed home.  Besides, every property was disgusting - filthy, holes in 
the walls, trash on the floors.  I can't believe owners would show places like

The day before, the father of Edsel Toscano, a dear friend from Royal Caribbean
cruising days, went with me to see some places in Bandra where he lives.  He 
and I were both appalled at what we were shown, especially since Bandra is 
quite an upscale area.  Yesterday, Norman called and said his wife had been
asking around and their neighbor had a friend with a room to rent.  He came all
the way from Bandra to go with me to see the place which was in the home of a
lovely lady named Norma, a 67-year-old widow with a very nice home in a good 
location in Andheri West, one of the areas in which I was interested.  It is perfect
for me - bedroom with its own bath AND a separate entrance, use of the kitchen,
if I like, a washing machine and her company if I'm lonely.  We have much in
common and she was in the work force for many years and speaks perfect 
English ( though I need to learn Hindi ).  The only hitch is that the place isn't 
available till July 1.  Once again, the Toscanos to the rescue.  Their friend, who
lives next to them, offered a room in her place ( she is in Australia ) until the
first.  I don't know what the rent will be ( reasonable, I'm sure ) so I am out of this
hotel tomorrow.  

I need to do something special for Edsel who is also in Australia with his lovely
wife, Gisela, and their sweet little boy - and for his parents.  I will so much enjoy
spending part of the next two + weeks visiting with Norman and Rosie.  I was 
supposed to meet them last time I lived in Mumbai and I really regret that I 
didn't.  Now I will make up for lost time, being right next door.  I can see now why
Edsel is the sweetheart he is!

So, thanks to all of you who cheered me on, prayed, encouraged and kept the 
faith.  I was almost ready to give up.  I know this may well be my last time in India...
in spite of my ten year visa, I have to acknowledge I AM getting old!  I do hope to
visit my friends in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore and to add a few 
new places to the list.  I may be going by bus or train, though, since it is so much
more economical.

Road are in great disrepair and flood easily during the monsoon rains

Business goes on as usual

At least, his umbrella isn't inside out!

Sweet children, living on the roadside and trying to stay dry

A common sight in front of shops as people clean their drains in 
an effort to prevent flooding

Fallen flowers everywhere

A yummy lunch to restore one's soul

I don't know what this is called but it was great!


  1. oh, that last dessert looks so yummy Carmen, have a safe and fun stay again in India.

  2. I'm glad you were able to find a good place to live. Sometimes it just comes down to look.

  3. I'm glad you found some decent place to stay, at last. Yes, it is a good idea to travel by train , but you have to make the bookings well in advance. Hope your stay in India will be happy.

  4. I can't imagine going to India. I'm not much of a traveler anyway, but my images of it are almost entirely ones of squalor and the oppression of women (including mob rape) and atheists (who can be sent to prison for "offending religious sensibilities." Of course, you've been there, and I haven't; and I'm sure there's also a lot of beauty, but when I read what you write, I feel as if I just don't get it.

  5. It is really a relief that you have somewhere good to stay.
    I love the *feel* of your photos as well as the look.

    In reply to your question over at mine....... rabbits can live for 10-12 years (dwarf ones!) If they are well cared for & if they don't succumb to incurable illness.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  6. I am sure glad you have found a good place to live. That yellow "soup" looks pretty violent.