Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Floor to Ceiling Color - June 27, 2013

One of the shops, Rosy and I stopped by at the Link Square Mall on Tuesday was 
this amazing spot, bright and colorful, that sold all sorts of EXPENSIVE groceries.  
I think their card reads "CAREE4R Food Stuff" but it isn't very clear, in a splash
of color.  What I found amusing is that, every inch of space, from floor to ceiling,
was cram full of goods.  They had all kinds of chocolates ( I admonished him for
not having Ghirardelli ) and, even, one kind of marzipan ( which I had to purchase ).

No Kashfi!

Such colorful packaging!

Something for every taste...but I can forego "Old El Paso" in India

Quite a chocolate collection but this place is not for the claustraphobic - 
there is barely space in this shop to turn around.

Who is that wierd foreigner taking pictures?

Ummmm, Godiva for every need!

Yea, for the Swiss!

Very expensive nuts but he says they are the BEST!

Farewell - two dark chocolate Kit Kats and a marzipan later!

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  1. Very interesting how they pack stuff in.