Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Serenity in the Midst of Mumbai Chaos - June 26, 2013

It has taken me quite a while to recover from my very debilitating four day illness.  I,
faithfully, finished all fifty doses of various medications, drank electrolyte replacement
packets, and spent a good deal of time horizontal, lacking the energy to do much 
else.  Outside, monsoon rains poured, off and on, and the news networks filled the
airwaves with the tragedy befalling thousands of pilgrims in the Uttarakhand floods.
Such sadness for India.

Finally, yesterday, Rosy Toscano and I decided to head out to Linking Road in Bandra
West, during a lull in the rains.  She had been telling me about a Thai foot massage
enterprise she had experienced last year when it first opened.  Sorely missing my
wonderful Jaipur full body massages ( $9 US/hour ), I decided this was the next best

We arrived at the Link Square Mall, and strolled about for a little while.  It wasn't a 
huge shopping complex but very compact floors, with small shops, packed floor to
ceiling with their wares, every inch of space utilized to the maximum.  I was in search
of a data card for the new Samsung phone I'd had to purchase and, immediately on
entering, I found my store.  Then, within steps, I found a watch store to replace my
fading battery.  What luck!

The Sabai Foot Spa, on the first floor, calls itself, "Bangkok in Mumbai."  The owner,
from Thailand, has established  four of these lovely facilities, claiming the benefits
of Thai foot massage improve blood circulation, remove toxins, stimulate lymphatic
drainage, boost the immune system - among other things.  The setting is definitely
peaceful, lovely, and serene.

Prices vary from 1350 rupees ( $22.61 ) for an hour of Thai traditional foot massage
to 3500 rupees ( $58.62 ), for ninety minutes with two therapists, and including back,
head and shoulder massage.

Rosy and I were the only clients and were most welcomed.  We went 
together into the lovely room where we had our massages, side by side.
I was absolutely oblivious of her during my ministrations, mesmerized by
the haunting and beautiful music, the scents of the various potions, the

The decor and setting was lovely, indeed - and so far removed from the 
cacophony and horn blaring of thousands of autorickshaws outside!

Everything about the place felt healing, from the decor, the firm touch of the 
therapist, the music, the flow of water over rocks and fountains.  I was sorely
in need of just that and I lay back and let it all work its wonder.

This Buddha reminded me of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok.  I
wrote a poem about him in my book, "Life's Journey."

Rosy's treatment begins

An array of magical potions

Our wonderful experience went far beyond one hour and included a neck, back, 
head and shoulder massage, in addition to the foot massage.  Rosy, who had
been to Sabai when it first opened says the service and experience has 
improved tremendously since her initial visit.  Apparently, the owner has 
worked to make this an unforgettable and delightful treat for all who partake.  

As we paid, we were given a card, with one slot marked.  When we have ten 
visits, we will receive a complimentary massage.  I will have no problem coming ten
times!!  If only such luxuries were affordable in the United States.

The finale:  a cooling towel, ginger tea, and crisp pieces of apple!  Superb.


  1. glad you wree able to enjoy some time in the spa Carmen, sorry to hear about your illness, but glad to see you well now.

  2. Glad you're having such a relaxing and beneficial foot massage! Wish you well!!

  3. Looks interesting but I can never relax enough to enjoy that stuff.