Saturday, June 22, 2013

Camera Critters #272 - Kites ( Milvus migrans govinda ) of Bandra - June 22, 2013

The friends with whom I'm currently residing are in a 7th floor apartment that looks 
out on the Arabian Sea.  Birds soar about, dive bombing, and squawking, 
especially during daytime hours.  They are, primarily, crows and black kites
( Milvus vigrans govinda or common pariah kite ).  These birds prefer to be near
human habitation and are a little smaller than vultures.  They normally eat small 
birds, mice, lizards, termites.  

Rosy helps them out a bit by throwing out small pieces of raw chicken which they
swoop by and grab.  It is amazing to see.  The crows get pieces of bread and 
actually approach the window to take it from her hand.

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  1. Great shots of birds.

  2. MY, they look rapacious enough to pull your eyes out! Great shot, Carmen.

  3. Cool shots, the Kite is an awesome bird!

  4. Oh! Wow! You could frame them well.

  5. I love to watch birds catching things in mid air. We do that with ducks sometimes, but it's not half as dramatic as throwing things from a 7th floor balcony! Amazing pics.

  6. Beauty and the beast.

  7. Those look like some very big birds!
    Lovely photos, Carmen.
    xo jj

  8. Those are quite scary birds!

  9. Wow lovely captures Carmen!!

  10. Fascinating. The crow and kite side by side is interesting too.