Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Veteran's Day Far From Home - November 11, 2012

I'm still here in India on this Veteran's Day, remembering those near and dear
to me who have been in our Armed Forces.  Both my father and stepfather were 
Army officers, my oldest son's father was an Air Force officer and our son, Shawn, 
recently was promoted to master sgt in the Air Force reserves.  I am from Columbus,
Georgia, where  Ft. Benning is located.  It is the "home of the Infantry" and the
Army's Airborne School. I grew up as part of the military and watched thousands of
young men train and leave for Vietnam, many dear friends.  It has been the same all
 of my life, through other periods of conflict in the world - brave young men and women serving their country, many of them not returning to their families, making the ultimate
sacrifice for their country.

A friend of mine, a former California highway patrol officer from our old  Prodigy
"cops and crime" chat room, in which I participated, emailed me this video today.  I
found it very moving and I wanted to share it.  

On this Veteran's Day, my prayers are with those who have served, no
matter what country you are from - and to their families and loved ones.

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  1. A very poignant post and the video too. Thanks for sharing them.