Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Three Year Blogaversary - September 23, 2012

Little did I know I would still be blogging three years after my first effort -
now would I ever have imagined I would be writing from India!  My 21 year
nursing position with the city and county of San Francisco had ended in
February of that year because of massive budget cuts to the Department
of Public Health.  I was 64-years-old and not happy to be plunged into
forced retirement.  Having specialized in forensic nursing for so long, 
there really weren't nursing options open to me.  To say I was pretty
depressed is a vast understatement.  I had always enjoyed writing,,
especially poetry, so I concentrated my efforts in that direction.  With
the help of a dear friend, Joanne Olivieri, aka Poetic Shutterbug, "Carmen's
Chronicles" was born.  Subsequently, Joanne helped me launch my 
first book of poetry, "Life's Journey" which is still available on Amazon.

The world of blogging opened up an amazing number of new friends for
me and I was surprised at the people who began following my blog - total
strangers from around the world, in addition, of course, to loyal friends,
colleagues and family.  I found I enjoyed reading other blogs, as well.  My
skills as a photographer improved vastly and I found it was fun shooting
other than genital injury and physical trauma!  When I decided to use my
last frequent flyer miles to visit Royal Caribbean crew friends in India this
past year, I also took the opportunity to meet  blogging friends from this 
incredible country.

So how long will I continue blogging?  Well, who knows?  Probably as long
as people are interested in reading what I have to say.  What was the content
of my first blog?  Well, it was about travel, of course.  See the link below if
you'd like to check it out!


  1. Congratulations upon this achievement. Of much joy to discover the world through your images and thoughts. Many more years to come.

    Please have a good new week ahead.

    1. Robert, I can't imagine not blogging at all...though, at times, I get a bit lazy. It's been so wonderful meeting friends like you!

  2. happy blog anniversary, Carmen, so glad to have met you in the blogosphere, and would so love the opportunity someday to meet with you and Jo. Hope you continue to have a fun trip in India.

    1. betchai, I know that, one of these days, we will meett. I'll be home from India in mid-Nov and, this time, I'm staying put for six months. I'll be rather sad not to get back to India for that long so I'll probably be down to San Diego to visit my forensic nurse buddies there and I'll see you then, I hope.

  3. Happy 3rd blog anniversary! It is always a pleasure to stop by here. I've just quit from blogging; I won't be updating my blog any more, and plan to focus on my writings. But we're still fellow writers so please wish me good luck with my next novella, I need it! We'll keep in touch trough Fb, and of course I will keep reading your chronicles AND commenting here. :)

    1. Oh, Josep, I hate for you to cease blogging entirely. You could just post on rare occasions when you have a lovely photo or something. I haven't forgotten that you guys are supposed to make a San Francisco trip. We will have to coordinate between my visits to India. I'm here in Jaipur until Nov 16...will stay home six months this time. I can't imagine not returning to India for that long but I have to save for that expensive air fare...good for you on your second are so industrious and I am so proud of you. One of the wonderful things about this blogging world was meeting you. I just regret that I didn't get to your area during my last visit to Barcelona so I could meet you in person. Of course, we had just newly met then. It would never happen now. I'd hop that train and visit with the whole family!!!

  4. Congratulations. You're surprised that you lasted three years, and I would be surprised if I ever quit.

    1. Well, I do lag in my posts from time to time and I never write such long and interesting articles as yours! I probably will keep at it, though. I have made some wonderful friends through this medium...but, goodness, I celebrate my 68th birthday Oct 3 and I wonder how long I'll keep wandering the universe!!

  5. Congrats on the anniversary, and your discipline to keep it going. I'm glad we've "met."

    1. Joan, coming into your realm has been one of the joys of blogging. While I am not really an outdoorswoman, it's been nice to learn a bit about what makes you tick - I wish you could bottle and sell your energy. I admire you so much. You have accomplished a great deal and I am an ardent fan of all that you do.

  6. Carmen, You look beautiful-- India clearly suits you well.

    Three years!!! Times flies. So glad you decided to blog and I've enjoyed your stories, poems and photos so much. I hope you continue blogging for many years to come.

    xoxo jj