Sunday, July 22, 2012

Popcorn, Pepsi and Peacocks - For Little Vishu - July 22, 2012

Popcorn, Pepsi, and Peacocks

( For my little friend, Vishu )

Vishu and me,
Out by the tree,
Wait patiently,
As still as can be.

We sip on a Pepsi,
And munch on popcorn,
And hope, by and by,
A great peacock will fly.

We are told they will come,
Each evening at five,
So I have camera ready,
But no birds arrive.

Two hours later,
A branch bears the weight,
Of  a beautiful peacock,
And soon comes his mate.

Once darkness has fallen,
In trees all around,
We hear the harsh screaming,
Not a most pleasant sound.

But I am quite sad,
I saw no feathered prance,
Of a courting peacock,
Doing his dance.

I've five months to go,
And they sleep here at night,
So I'm bound to get lucky,
Perhaps at dawn's early light.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © July 2012 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


Vishu, the sweet grandson of Madhulika, my hostess, knows I am anxious to get 
pictures of the peacocks and, when he gets home from school in the evening, he 
will join me, scanning the skies.  The peacocks should arrive about 5PM but, thus
far, it is more like 7:30 and it is too dark, then, for good photos.  I am amazed when
these huge male peacocks plop onto a tree branch, bending it almost in half, their
long plumes folded and draping gracefully behind them.  Disappointed Vishu and I
give up, with plans to return another day.  Vishu knows that I like to write poetry 
and said I should write a poem about this.  "And, what should I call the poem," I
asked him?  He immediately came up with, "Popcorn, Pepsi and Peacocks" - so,
Vishu, here it is for you.


  1. I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing it must be to see peacocks flying in! I only ever saw them on ground, and there they are already breathtakingly beautiful.

    A wonderful Sunday to you,

    1. I am waiting, patiently, to see these beauties on the ground - there are so many of them. I think they strut, mainly, on the roof tops as the yard space is fenced and there isn't much room for them. There are certainly so many of them in the trees at night. I wonder where they go in the daytime!

  2. You have plenty of times to dance with the peacocks.

    I wonder which one you will choose? Ballet, ballroom dance or folk dance?

    1. Well, since these are Indian peacocks, I might have to learn some sort of Hindu a Bollywood special. It's funny, but I have yet to see a peacock on the ground, with feathers spread.

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    wonderful wonderful wonderful

    1. Wonderful is having you visit, Robert!

  4. ..perhaps at dawn's early light...I am looking forward to that day and your post on it...pepsi and popcorn, now those I'd love to have now with me as I type :-)

  5. I might have to research their diet and lure them with food! However, as they don't seem to get below the roof tops, I think I'm in trouble.

  6. The title will make it on the best selling list, Carmen! I like it very much.

    I hope your little friend likes the poem, because it's fantastic..and I agree that the sounds of the peacock is quite eerie..

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