Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Return to the Umaid Mahal - July 10, 2012

I wrote about this special heritage hotel in my blog of January 31, 2012 -
http://rnsane.blogspot.in/2012/02/my-first-day-in-jaipur-rajasthan-india.html#links -
after my three day visit there. I just couldn't resist going back again,
especially when I checked out the incredible off season rates. Ajay
Singh Shekhawat, the front desk manager, and I had become friends
so I called him to book a two day stay and was warmly greeted by many
staff I remembered. I checked into a beautiful room with a canopied bed
and gleaming black marble floor. I couldn't have felt more luxurious and

What was nice about this visit that I didn't get to use in January was the
lovely rooftop restaurant. Even during the brief periods of rain, it was so
nice dining up there, enjoying the coolness of the evenings. I just regret
that I never had an inheritance or lottery winnings that permit me the
luxury of spending the rest of my days alternating between life at the Umaid
Mahal or cruising on a Royal Caribbean ship. I'm really going to work on
that in my next life!

Ajay Singh Shekkawat, front desk manager

Keeping the brass shiny

Shrine to Hindu goddess, Durga, at reception

Lobby reception area

Lobby guards

Rooftop dining

Chai break with Ajay

Cloudy Jaipur skies


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Certainly suitable for royals. Please enjoy this adventure of yours.

  2. wow that place looks just DIVINE i can see why you just HAD to go back!

  3. good to see you Carmen, you look so happy and vibrant.

  4. The two lobby guards are interesting.

  5. Such wondrous sights, so good to see that you were enjoying yourself!

  6. Lovely photos and you look happy and wonderful.

  7. Carmen- you look SO happy!

  8. Hello, RNSANE.

      It is my joy to share your wonderful work.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      I pray for your happiness and world peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  9. Very informative! Thank you for sharing this with us! :)


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