Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magpie Tales, #44 - A Sudden End - December 12, 2010

Magpie Tales, #44 - A Sudden End - December 12, 2010

We drove through miles of falling snow,
Then saw the house so filled with light,
Its windows shone with Christmas glow,
A welcoming beacon in the night.

"There's grandma's house", I whispered,
Gently shaking Jason next to me,
He woke up in an instant,
And gave a shriek of joyous glee.

Before we reached the bottom step,
My mother waited, with smiling face,
Jason raced up snowy stairs,
And dove into her warm embrace.

After breakfast, we climbed the stairs,
To the attic, in hopes we'd find,
Treasures a ten-year-old would think,
Were of the most wondrous kind.

Jason thrilled to Grandpa's trunk,
With army uniforms and such,
And the wooden city that he'd carved,
Seemed to please him very much.

After exploring for awhile,
Jason spotted something overhead,
There, hanging sadly on the wall,
Was my father's trusty sled.

We took it down, with utmost care,
And deemed it fit for a hillside run,
Jason could barely contain himself,
He knew he was in for a day of fun.

And fun he had sledding on that hill,
Even climbing back till he reached the top,
He kept it up, at a dizzying pace,
Until his Grandma made him stop.

He paused for lunch, hot chicken soup,
An enforced rest, then he was out the door!
No matter what his Grandma said,
He wasn't tired, he wanted more!!

As the sunset colors filled the sky,
We laid down the law, time to stop,
Jason came, took off his things,
And sat on the couch with a surly plop.

I went outside, in the brisk cold air,
And saw the sled, calling out to me,
I felt the pull of the snowy hill,
And wanted the feel of flying free.

I pulled the sled to a starting place,
Gave a running jump and fell on top,
With total humiliation, of course,
All I really did was drop.

Benearth me, in a splintered pile,
Lay my father's sled, like pick up sticks,
My ample frame had done it in,
Leaving not enough to even fix.

I made a furtive drive to town,
My face as red as it could be,
The toy store still had sleds in stock,
For my father's sled was history.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy
December 12, 2010

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  1. cleverly told the demise of an old sled!

  2. Jingle10:54 AM

    lovely magpie,
    enjoy the ride...
    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  3. This is wonderful .. never suspected that funny ending! Happy Holidays!

  4. wonderful...great writing

    i wonder why it is so much cooler just a little ways up the road...maybe tomorrow will be better


    happy to visit with you today
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  5. this is so beautiful.....

  6. Great poem - just loved it.

  7. A delightful read - full of memories and fun, great imagery and warm family thoughts.

  8. What a great story that I suspect is true???
    Happy Sunday, jj

  9. Consider my poetry book when you're Christmas shopping - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy – it’s out on Amazon ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well ) I finally did it at the age of 65!
    ( Check out the reviews! )

    kathew -
    I haven't been on a sled in about sixty years -
    since I was a little girl and we were stationed in Austria! I even have pictures of me on small skis in the Alps!

    Jingle -
    I'd need a very sturdy sled to support my weight - something an Olympian would use!

    Helen -
    Happy Holidays to you, too. Glad you enjoyed my
    Magpie. It's fun to see what everyone chose for theirs.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen -
    I wish I could visit you during the holidays. I know your house is most festive and you've probably even decorated Teddy!

    magiceye -
    Every time I see your name, I want to be in India!!! I'll bet Mumbai is so festive at Christmas.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    I'm glad you got a kick out of my Magpie. I bet you could just picture me on that smashed sled!

    Carolina Mountains -
    Nice to see you hear and happy you enjoyed my Magpie poetry.

    Tumblewords -
    I really enjoyed writing this Magpie - sometimes they come so easy.

    Joanna Jenkins -
    I didn't break a sled but there are elements of truth in this tale!

  10. Wonderful memories, Carmen.

  11. You have a great way of telling a story that just runs smoothly. I like hopping from word to word, thanks for sharing.

  12. what a wonderful gift you have, to write so rhythmically and poetically. your writing and storytelling is beautiful!