Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"R" is for..... Alphabe Thursday, May 20, 2010 and a Giveaway at The Fifty Factor

"R" is for..... Alphabe Thursday, May 20, 2010

and a Giveaway at The Fifty Factor

There are  many “R” words,

I just cannot seem to choose,

Trying to decide on one,

Is only giving me the blues!

Redecorate came to mind,

Since we’ve many crafty types,

With patterns, paints and glue guns,

And even polka dots and stripes


R” made me think of ribs,

The yummy kind you barbecue,

Instead, I went up to the kitchen,

And cooked myself a few!

I could write on robins,

Sweet harbinger of spring,

With that perky breast of red,

And a chirpy song to sing.

Rodeo would be great fun,

A sport of cowpoke skills,

But, for the animals involved,

There aren’t really any thrills!


I always was a reggae fan,

Bob Marley was the best,

When I listen to “One Love,”

I can never feel depressed!

R” is also for the rich,

Which I doubt that I will be,

Winning numbers never hit,

When I play the lottery.

Romance would be lovely,

The thrill of a sweetheart’s kiss,

If I could remember that far back,

I’d surely feel a sense of bliss!

I know all about retirees,

I, unhappily, joined the ranks,

When budget cuts affected me,

I did not feel any thanks!


Since I can’t make up my mind,

This is all I’m turning in,

I just hope Mrs. Matlock won’t,

Flunk me out of school again!


Carmen Henesy


Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy

All rights reserved.

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Here's the info straight from Joanna's blog:

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  1. Thanks for the Giveaway shout out. I hope the winner uses it to buy your new book. How exciting for you. Congratulations! I'll be on the lookout for it.

  2. nice
    i like this concept of word

    R for Revolt
    R for Republic
    R for Restricted

    I like your choice of words

  3. I love all the poems! Really great job.

  4. What a great R word poem, I think you pulled it off and I don't think Miss Jenny will FLUNK you out of school!

  5. love all the r's you 'didn't' write about LOL :D

  6. this was cute. thanks for sharing. :]

  7. Finally, 1st of June! The perfect read for this summer :)
    It's easy to join my giveaway, on the post I published today it says "Click here to enter". It redirects you to another page where to put your blog's name and the URL. Then click "Enter your link".
    If you don't do it I will do it myself for you!

  8. I don't know why you would flunk this post? It's really good. I give you 5 gold stars.

  9. ribs .... yum

    Loved the poem! what great use of r words!

  10. Hi Carmen: Just visiting from Lens us Together. Love the blossoms all that color is gorgeous. Also the photo of the Angel of Grief was taken at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA it is a replica and is outside the Moslem where the Stanford's are buried so you can still see it.

  11. This was a great poem with the letter R. I would love to have some ribs right now LOL. I am a big fan of them. I get them a lot when I go out to restaurants.

  12. That was very cute! I love ribs and now I'll spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about them!

  13. Great and funny R post, Carmen. I find your poetry so delicious, with the rhythms and the rhymes and the humor. You're really talented.

  14. This is too cute. I think Mrs. Matlock will be giving you an A+! Congrats on your book coming out - how exciting! Kathy

  15. Great post - the part about romance being nice if you could but remember it made me laugh. Great poem on the topic of R

  16. I love your "R" poem, Carmen!

    Did I read right that you have a book of poerty coming out in June? If so, congratulations -- well deserved!

  17. Clever poem for the letter R. Great job! And congratulations on the book!

  18. I didn't realize you were adept in prose AND poetry. What a terrific, enjoyable poem. You chose wonderful R words, the rhythm was great, and it was fun to read through and see where you would go with it. I really like the name of your book too.

  19. Wonderful poem for the letter R, Carmen!

  20. Wonderful fun piece. :)

  21. That's a great R poem. And since it's lunchtime, it made me hungry for ribs!

  22. Dear Carmen,
    Great poem. A perfect R-post.
    Yes, I would love to read your book or anything else that you have written!
    Unfortunately, my finances almost require me to win this giveaway in order to purchase your new book! Let's hope that either you or I win!

    Best wishes,

    Anna's rudabagas

  23. I love your poem - great choice of R words!

  24. Very cute...I'll bet you get an A at least...

  25. Good Morning Carmen,

    What a great "R" poem. I know you will get an A+ from Ms. Matlock! Exciting news--a published book!! That's wonderful!

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit. We love having company!

    Have a great productive weekend!

  26. I don't think Ms. Matlock will flunk you. That was very good! I bet you get an A+!

  27. What a great poem! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours!

  28. Joanna Jenkins - I'm excited about your giveaway..such a generous one! Can't wait to see who wins!

  29. sm - this Alphabe Thursday meme has been a lot of fun. I've only missed one of them!

  30. JDaniel4's Mom - if you like these poems, now you can get my book.

    Life's Journey, my first book of
    poetry, is available at It will also be on in about a week to ten days.

    Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well.

  31. Terra - I hope you're right...I'd like to stay in school till the end of the alphabet!

  32. laterg8r - I'm glad you like my "R" post - not too many more weeks left till the end.

  33. criticalcrass - Miss Jenny does keep us on our toes!

  34. fullet - you're such fun! I finally got it all figured out and entered for your giveaway!

  35. GFDINER - Kathy - thanks, Kathy, gold stars...I've never had those for an Alphabe!

  36. Jo - I haven't had really good ribs since I was in my birthplace ( Columbus, Georgia ) for a visit!

  37. Sunmallia - thanks for the info about the Angel of Grief where the Stanfords are buried. I will definitely have to go see it!

  38. Viki - my restaurant budget is so limited since my retirement. While there are fabulous places to eat in San Francisco, ribs are not a speciality in this area.

  39. Pondside - responding to all these posts and seeing that so many folks love ribs, too, has been really hankering for them. I'll have to cook up a batch myself!

  40. Tina - I'm so glad you like my poetry.

    Now you can get my first book - Life's Journey is available at It will also be on in about a week to ten days.

    Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well.

  41. mbkatc230 - that Mrs. Matlock is such a sweet teacher. I think we all get an A for effort anyway, don't we?

  42. Aging Mommy - I know I've had romances in my life, actually, a few of them, international, too...but they are merely whisps of memory now!

  43. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti - I've ordered some of my own books to sell at poetry readings and to see if some of the small book stores locally will carry.

  44. Sarah - glad that you liked my poem. You might like my book as well. Check it out!

  45. Steph - I am waiting so impatiently to see if people like my book. It was people's responses to my poetry over the years that finally pushed me to get something into print!

  46. Icy BC - the letter "R" was fun. This Alphabe meme has been fun in that I know one day of the week I have a prompt!

  47. Glynis - This is a fun you ever do these?

  48. Julie Schuler - I should have never mentioned ribs. I have not been able to stop thinking about them.

  49. Anna - I hope you win fullet's giveaway so you can get my book!

  50. Christy - glad you like my choice of "R" words in verse!

  51. Rocky Mountain Woman - I know Mrs. Matlock usually gives us all an A...I don't think anyone really flunks.

  52. Jacque - it was nice seeing you here for a first visit!

  53. Betty (picture circa 1951) - well, so far, Mrs. Matlock hasn't given me a bad grade...I hope I'll do well this time. Glad you liked my effort.

  54. H - I need to keep up my poetic efforts!

  55. what an awesome poem Carmen.....I am sure you will get an deserves it.....great giveaway too, thanks for including me.....

  56. Carmen, what a fabulous post! We've been changing our bank accounts over but I'm going to order your book tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm really excited about that!

    Your poetic stops on Alphabe-Thursday always make me smile!

    You are so talented that even if I give you an A+ it won't really be enough!

    Thank you for helping to make this meme so special.