Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today the world is Irish,
Or so it seems to me,
Everyone is wearing green,
From Mumbai to Galilee.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day,
It’s a mighty festive bunch,
Eating corned beef and cabbage,
Instead of their usual lunch!

Parades are seen all over,
Irish melodies fill the air,
Pints of Guiness toast,
Lads and lassies fair!

Florists are selling shamrocks,
Fountains and rivers are green,
Sure and begorrah, you’ll be spotting,
Some sights you’ve never seen!

So dance an Irish jig or two,
And sing of Galway Bay,
And have yourself a special time,
On this St. Paddy’s Day!
Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. It's such a festive poem, makes me want to celebrate this day!

  2. Happy St. Pat's! My parents were married on this day in 1939! A lovely, bright poem; don't the Irish know how to celebrate!

  3. Wonderful poem, Carmen! Happy St. Patrick's day

  4. Top of the Morning to you!

  5. fullet -
    I hope you are wearing green today and, by all means, celebrate!

    Alaine -
    Congratulations to your folks! Are you Irish, then? Sounds like a great day for a wedding. Yes, the Irish sure do know how to party!

    Icy BC -
    Glad you like the poem!! A great St. Paddy's day to you as well!

    lakeviewer -
    Are there big shindigs planned in your coastal town today? The best to you, lassie!

  6. Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!

  7. Oh this is really beautiful CArmen! What a nice tribute. It wants me to be there to celebrate in the spot!
    Thanks for your comments in my blog

  8. Well it all seems to be happening over your way. Over here it is much the same as usual. No green outfits and no noisy gatherings and not a leprechaun in sight!

    Nuts in May

  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day my friend, I do hope you had a wonderful day......:-) Hugs

  10. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too!

  11. happy saint patrick's day!!!

  12. I'm Irish through and through, except the only Irish food I like is potatoes. I like Mexican food more. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  13. Hi Carmen! No Saint Patrick's here, but always a good glass of beer... ;)

    Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Cayman Islands. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!