Thursday, March 04, 2010

G Is For "Give Me Time" - Alphabe Thursday, 3-4-10

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday!
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Give Me Time
Just give me time, is my refrain,
I know I'll get it done,
But then I put off one more task,
In lieu of something fun!

Just give me time, I tell my boys,
And solemnly profess,
I'll tackle years of clutter,
And get rid of all that mess.

Just give me time, I'll exercise,
And be svelte once again,
That's my weekly mantra,
I'll start, I know, but when?

Just give me time, I'll take a class,
To help enrich my mind,
Perhaps that's what I need,
To escape from this old grind!

Just give me time, I'd like to try
To learn to salsa dance,
Then I'll try the tango,
And I'll look for new romance.

 Just give me time, I always say,
Alas, my time's run out!
I'd better get a move on,
The time is now, no doubt!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2008 by Carmen Henesy All rights reserved


  1. Well, you have summed up my life with your poem...loved it! Joni

  2. beautiful poem, i know just how you feel :D

  3. Oh, this is precious!

  4. Lovely poem!
    Don't have time to write much more right now. Bedtime for the children.
    "Give me time!"
    Best wishes,

  5. Something we all need is more your poem today. Hope your day is going well sorting everything and I do hope your mother is doing well......:-) Hugs

  6. Another great poem. I could hear a pleading yet humorous voice saying this one as I read it.

  7. oohhh...i am feeling a bit like you are spying on me and my life! wonderful post!

  8. Carmen. Wow. Carmen. This is an amazing poem. I love this. Honestly, you need to find a publisher girl!

    Good Gracious me!


    And a little hug for all you're doing with your Mom right now!

  9. A fun poem Carmen! Hope all is well with you..

  10. This sounds a lot like me!

  11. Wonderful!! I'm scrollling back up to read that again - it could be my anthem.

  12. This was great. I think I'll print it out. Thanks.

  13. Time...
    What that is --at times so difficult..
    Great poem CArmen!

    There is an award for you at my site.
    nice weekend!

  14. I think you've been reading my mind (except maybe the salsa - I'm not very coordinated, you see). Wonderful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  15. Hi Carmen! Lovely! But time is at a premium... And G should be for Gil Blogtrotter 2 (waiting your comments in Haiti, now at Malfini Beach)... ;)
    Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  16. Your entry should go side by side with mine...G is for Go..going so much that I need more time to do what I want to do!!

  17. I can soooo relate. "Just give me time" is one of my mantras too!

  18. I will take some of that time as well ... :) wonderful g post!

  19. time is a precious commodity for sure...great poem and great g post...cmon by if you get some extra time.....Melinda