Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Black and White Wednesdays - Buffalo at Kafe Kokopelli, Dade City, Florida - April 2, 2014

During my ten day January stay with one of my dearest friends in Zephyrhills,
Florida, we did quite a bit of excellent dining - which is responsible for the
extra pounds around my girth ( that and my lack of will power ).  We had dinner
one night at a delightful spot, Kafe Kokopelli, set in a hundred year old building
in Dade City, Florida.  Once the site of Model T sales, it now houses a terrific
restaurant with a varied menu and a crazy decor.  This buffalo is one of 
the critters that graces the interior.

I am participating in 

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  1. Did the buffalo roam Florida or was this guy lost?!

  2. Might loose my appetite with him staring at me!!

  3. Looks like he's coming through the wall!


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