Saturday, August 03, 2013

Happy Friendship Day - August 4, 2013


I used to think the world was vast,
With most lands unknown to me,
But, now, a venerable sixty-eight,
I've sailed most every sea.

I've visited foreign countries,
Dined on all sorts of cuisines,
Drunk wines in lands about the globe,
Prevented illness with vaccines.

I saw the shimmer of Northern lights,
 Watched fiery lava flow,
Marveled at Iguazu's thundering falls,
Saw the Swiss Alps blanketed in snow.

The most wonderful gift that I've gotten,
As I've journeyed so far on my way,
Is the cherished and wonderful friendships,
That mean more than words can convey

These friends and those of a lifetime,
Are worth more than their weight in gold,
From the earliest days I remember,
As my hair turns white and I'm old.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © August 4, 2013 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Blog hoppin here and found yours. Great poem, speaks of your numerous travels and memories of people and places. I hope to write something like that next time but still need to travel to many places. :)

  2. After my husband died I came to realise the value of true friends.

    I'm very bad about coming to comment on your posts, Carmen, but I do follow all your fantastic travels on my reader.