Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"When Love Ends" - July 31, 2013

It hasn't been quite so rainy this past week, thankfully, with the heavens opening up
mainly at night, which is wonderful for sleep.  I'm often on Skype, nocturnally, since
the U. S. ( California ) is 12 hours earlier than India.  

Last night, I spent an hour with a friend whose latest romance with "the love of her
life' ( about the 30th one in the many years I've known her ) met its demise.  I 
listened to her lament that she is never going to love again.  I think I've said that a
few times myself.  At any rate, somewhere in the course of my usual sleeplessness, 
came up with a poem.  I haven't done a poem in awhile on my blog so here it is.

When Love Ends

When will I learn to stand apart,
And hold steadfastly to my heart?
To keep an ever watchful eye,
To know when I should say goodbye.

I always let myself be charmed,
And so I shouldn’t be alarmed,
When love so quickly fades away,
Like the dying blooms on a bouquet.

A romantic I will always be,
I thought you were so right for me,
But, once again, I missed the mark,
I guess for you, this was a lark.

I must have wanted so much more,
But I wasn’t really keeping score,
I should have seen all the signs,
And read the writing between the lines.

And, so, I cry as our love ends,
I cannot even part as friends.
I feel I’ll be forever blue,
I never want another you.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © July 31, 2013 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Yep, love hurts... sometimes.
    Hope your friend is feel better.
    xo jj

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