Saturday, July 27, 2013

Camera Critters #277 - Jerry, My 3rd Indian Cat Roommate - July 27, 2013

Slowly, but surely, I'm featuring all the kitties that share the condo in which I 
am living.  Last will be Junior who is in solitary as he terrorizes his colleagues.
He lives in the back bedroom.  Norman sleeps there at night so he does have
company which, of course, makes the other cats jealous.  Eddy frequently
sits outside the door when Norman is in there, meowing piteously - though 
he certainly gets more than his share of attention.  I've never spent time with
cats before so this has been an enlightening experience for me!

What exactly are you doing, Carmen?

That constant flash is most annoying!

Did Tom and Eddie have to go through this?

Back off, babe!

Can't you see, I'm trying to get a cat nap?

She is so persistent, isn't she?

Check these claws....I do scratch, you know!

Maybe if I close my eyes and pretend I'm asleep!

Forget sleep, I'll watch the rain!

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  1. Replies
    1. Jerry is cute...but he always makes a mad dash for my bedroom if the door is open. It's off limits as I am really allergic to cats and I need one place that is cat free!

  2. Oh, Carmen, we both look so alike.

    1. Oh, Rainfield, Jerry doesn't wear eye shadow!!!!

  3. beautiful cat! wished he got along better with the others!

  4. Junior is a handsome boy!

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Fantastic shots ~ all so very expressive! Thanks ^_^

  6. such a wide eyed beauty

  7. such a wide eyed beauty

  8. What a cute kitty! Sorry, Junior has to live in solitaire. Great photos!

  9. Glad they keep you company! This one looks like he's up to something...

  10. Jerry has beautiful eyes!

  11. Great shots of an adorable cat!

  12. haha a very lovely post. It is always wonderful shooting cats, they make lots of antics. I also do what you've been doing with them, i guess sometimes we overdo the flash, hehe! But your cat is very beautiful.

  13. What gorgeous photos. I particularly love his colouring and his expressive eyes.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  14. So sweet, quite a character! :-)