Friday, October 12, 2012

Creative Fashion India - October 11, 2012

My favorite rickshaw driver, Ikram, took me to Creative Fashion India, a lovely
textile store right in Bani Park where I live in Jaipur.  I had been to another much
larger place when I first arrived in Jaipur and had a couple of outfits made.  They
were nice but very expensive and I had been told by many people that it catered
to tourists and I had been charged far too much.  I really wasn't looking to have
more clothes made but wanted something from India to send my daughter-in-law,
Laura, for her birthday.  Creative Fashion was a smaller store, on one floor only,
less ostentatious but they had a large selection of fabrics, were equally willing
to pull out every single one to show you and offered a cup of that wonderfully
aromatic and delicious chai while you pondered a purchase.  I enjoyed my first
visit there, chatting with the owner and the two young men ( I think they were 
his sons ) and I did find a lovely green throw with gold threads running through
it which was perfect for Laura's couch and I got a fuschia one for my bed.

Yesterday, I went back to see if they could alter some of my clothes.  Since 
coming to India, I've lost over thirty pounds and I have been wearing my favorite
clothes because I can't bear to part with them.  In reality, too, I have no others.
Before coming to India the first time, I gave almost everything I had to Goodwill,
including clothes that were too small.  They would fit me perfectly now but who
would ever have believed I would become two sizes smaller!!!  At any rate, 
Creative Fashion said they would alter those clothes and the pants on the Indian
kurta sets I had - and for a reasonable price.  

I decided I should do a blog on the business.  Anuj Ajmera, a delightful young 
man, and I even discussed setting up some kind of business venture between 
the two of us.  I would love that.

I am such a lover of elephants, I could easily buy a dozen fabrics with elephant
patterns! They have bed spreads, table coverings and even fabrics for clothing 
with all sorts of elephant designs.  The briliant colors and arrays of fabrics, some
jeweled, takes ones breath away.  Of course, there are pillow cases, pashminas,
ready made kurtas, and other items.  

Wall hanging

The two wonderful brothers, Manoj ( left ) & Anuj ( right ) Ajmera

Bolts and bolts of beautiful material behind these young men

This hot pink fabric, I bought in 1997 in Singapore.  It lay, folded in my closet 
until I came to India this past December.  I hoped I might find someone to make
it into an outfit for me.  The mother of a Mumbai friend, Tajinder Kaur, had it 
made it into a kurta and patiala pants which, of course, with my weight loss,
were now too large.  Creative Fabrics will take the pants in a bit so I can actually
wear the outfit, sixteen years after I bought the fabric.  It's amazing.  It NEVER
wrinkled - though I have.

This bright, colorful cotton dress - and one made from the same pattern - is 
one of my favorite pieces of clothing of all time.  I've worn it hundreds of times
and it has been on every cruise I've taken since I got it.  My beloved friend of
over forty years, Charlene Payton, an RN I first worked with in Tampa, Florida
when Shawn was just a toddler - she nicknamed him "misery" - made the two 
dresses for me.  At any rate, I wanted it taken in a bit.  Anuj was amazed at how
well the fabric, washed so many times, has held up and has maintained the bright
colors ( I love to do eyeshadows with this dress ).  I can't believe I didn't bring the
other dress with me this time.  Charlene also made a beautiful black cocktail
dress for me and a strawberry coverup that I love.  I wish I could sew but who 
needed to when you had a friend like Char!!

Lord Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles - of course, I did have to buy this.  He
is the one Hindu god I recognize immediately because he looks like an elephant.
I do pray to him, from time to time - for what?  Please, Lord Ganesha, help me get
back to India, the country of my heart!

Amazing fabrics, jeweled and beaded

Anuj, with one of the ready made, one-size-fits-all kurtas that come in many colors

More beautiful fabric

Indian women at weddings and festivals are amazingly beautiful, dressed in fabrics like this.

I think Anuj should be wearing the nice white pants and shirts I see so many Indian
men wearing.  He tells me they make these sets for women as well, in colors!

I love these colorful Rajasthani puppets

I wish I had the money to have a variety of Indian outfits from the fabrics on these shelves!

Wonderful colors

Just hanging out with the boys

You can visit Creative Fashion India on Facebook at: 

or email Anuj Ajmera for more information on his products -  Items are shipped FedEx and insured.


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