Sunday, August 03, 2014

Happy Friendship Day - August 3, 2014

Happy Friendship Day

I must admit I do find fault,
And can bemoan my fate!
The years are passing quickly,
And I'm not my ideal weight...

I am not wise with money,
And I haven't saved much cash,
My bank account is lonely,
For there's nothing like a stash.

The wrinkle creams aren't working,
I've cellulite, not thighs,
And I play around with makeup,
Making rainbows of my eyes.

Yet, pauper that I am,
I've traveled far and near,
And I'm wealthy in great friendships,
That enrich my life each year.

I don't need a special day,
To tell my friends what's in my heart,
Though miles may come between us,
We are never far apart.

Carmen Henesy

copyright August 3, 2014 by Carmen Henesy

Thanks to Bing Images for the photographs


  1. I agree, a good friend needs to be cherished every day. But still it's nice to mark the occasion.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Mersad, at least, via my blog, I can thank those friends I don't see for months and years at a time!!!

  2. We can do with fewer possession and with more friends, for sure.

    1. I do cherish the new friends, Rosaria, such as you, that came into my life through writing and blogging...though you now seem like an old friend. One of these days, if I stay home long enough, I may even get up the coast to say hello.

  3. Happy Friendship Day 2u2! What a cute pic and poem.

    1. Maureen, the pics, this time, weren't mine. Bing images, thankfully, has thousands for me to borrow when I don't have them. The poem, however, was an original.

  4. You do collect friends, around the world!

    1. Joan, it's great to have that collection but the ones at home, tried and true, are treasures, indeed.

  5. Replies
    1. Hello friend, Pat, in Sicily. Wish I could take a monsoon break and visit you.

  6. Hitesh Narsinghani2:20 AM

    Hi. Thanks for sharing your blog link.
    We met at the shop in Bandra.
    Your poem is excellent. Straight from the heart.

    1. Hitesh, here's a link to another of my blogs with a poem I'd like for you to read: - "Why I Am in India" - written in response to the queries of all my friends who couldn't understand why a senior citizen would take off. for months at a time, to a country 7000 miles from home!


      Hitesh, here is the post about your shop. I don't have your email...mine is: and I am on Facebook as well: Carmen Henesy

  7. Hitesh, I can't tell you what a delight you and your family were in that little Bandra shop. I love ALL of my purchases and want more. I'll write about them in the next few days. What bargains. I want to come back for that long black dress with the flowers....oh, to tell the truth, I'd like about a dozen more things. Do I need them? Of course, not. As I near 70, I don't need much of anything ... but I still want them!!! You are a delightful young actually remind me of Anuj Jain, my friend at the fabric store in Jaiper.

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