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Sundays in My City - A Lengthy Lunch at the Salt Water Cafe - September 23, 2012

The Santos family of Sahar Village in Mumbai is like family to me.  During my
first stay in India - four months - I lived with Odelio, Lorna, Nick, Jake and, last
but not least, Skip, the family pooch.  I can't believe I've only been to see them
once during this stay - partly because I'm quite a distance away and, with
Nick and Lorna's work schedule and Jake's school and studies, there is not
a lot of time.  My "nephew", Nick, has been working in Dubai.

Happily for me, he is home for a couple of months before starting a new job in
Dubai.  He and his good friend, Snedan, came to have lunch with me 
yesterday at the Salt Water Cafe, my favorite Bandra West restaurant.

We ate and laughed and talked and, before we knew it, we'd been at the 
Salt Water for three hours.  It was so much fun, though, and it delights me
that two young men would take the time to come and hang out with their 

We shared three excellent appetizers and three desserts but each ordered
our own entree.  On the weekends, during certain hours, there is a cocktail
special for 999 rupees ( about $16 ) - quite an assortment and, as far as I
know, it is unlimited.  Since drinks are pretty pricey at the Salt Water, I chose 
to do the special &, four drinks later, I felt I had my money's worth. 

As always, the food and cocktails were excellent and, in spite of the fact
that the restaurant was filled to the gills, we got superb service.  

I laughed and told Nick and Snedan that we had come a long way from our
first outing together when I had just moved to Mumbai - an afternoon of 
several fancy concoctions at Hagen Daas.

Before Nick heads back to Dubai in Novemger, we're going to try another
place about which I've heard good things - Global Fusion.

While I waited for the boys, I went ahead and ordered appetizers so they 
wouldn't have to wait.  All of them were wonderful.  We had a huge plate of
assorted vegetables in an olive oil ( one of the best olive oils I've ever tasted ),
with green and black olives.  There was also cheese on the platter with the 
artichoke hearts, eggplant, zucchini and yellow summer squash.

Nick arrived, wearing a Monarch of the Seas t-shirt which brought tears to my eyes!

This was a delicious polenta crusted chicken with a spicy sauce which I've had
on several occasions.  The only new dish, for me, of the three appetizers was
a wonderful calamari and prawns, not breaded, with lemon and coriander in the
marinade.  I could easily have eaten a second one of those!

While the boys drank Budweiser, I had my second vodka drink, a very yummy and 
spicy bloody Mary.  

Nick Santos and Snaeddan Keppler Vaz

In a tribute to my Southern roots, I decided to have a bourbon mint julep.  The
bartender really is good as this tasted right on a par with that at the Brown
Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

Snaeddan ordered lamb shanks - something I've always wanted to try since
I love lamb.  They don't look as good as those I've had on Royal Caribbean
ships, though.  I had a beef tenderloin burger on a whole wheat bun with
Brie - yummy.  I love their lamb burger, too - and once I ordered the "Almighty
Burger", a HUGE concoction with two beef tenderloin burgers, cheese, egg,
and some other things.  You can't get your mouth over it, though.  I had to
cut it in four sections!  Nick chose a chicken dish which he seemed to eat 
with delight.

My final cocktail on my drink tour was tequila - a delicious margarita.  I'll
tell you, Salt Water does an excellent job with their cocktails.  They have
some speciality drinks, too, 

All three of the dessert trio were delicious but my favorite is the chocolate
bomb ( I think that's what it's called ).  Once you put your spoon into it,
warm chocolate syrup oozes out.  A scoop of raspberry sorbet accompanies
it.  Definitely worth the calories!

This coffee creme brulee was so yummy.  Of course, creme brulee is at
the top of my favorite desserts list.  

Our third dessert was cheesecake...nice but just cheesecake, as far as I'm concerned.
I've certainly had better, including my pumpkin cheesecake I make at Thanksgiving.
Nick said he had never eaten cheesecake before.  I wonder how anyone, even in
India, reaches his 21st birthday without having tasted cheesecake!

As we got ready to leave, we had a waiter take another picture of us.  I am 
sure I had a couple more pounds on my frame than when I entered Salt Water.
I am really not losing weight this India visit, what with regular, delicious meals
cooked by my wonderful housemates - I'll just be happy if I don't gain any

I am participating in 

I haven't visited her in quite some time and I love
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  1. Oh time take me with you!!!!
    I'd love to taste all those drinks but I'm not a dessert person.
    Today and tomorrow we have 2/5 days, very low calories so you can imagine how I feel now! :) - one hour to go then it's dinner time :)
    Have a good week!
    ps. your eyes look pretty!

  2. you look so happy and so pretty Carmen, and you have such a joyful and healthy glow, your vacation there in India really shows how much you enjoy the place.

  3. YUM! It looks and sounds like a really perfect meal, Carmen. And the Chocolate Bomb! I yiyi, I might have needed to order two of that one!

    So happy you got to spend so much time with the guys. You must have a lot in common-- how wonderful.

    xo jj

  4. Fabulous post on your trip! You are so adventurous! I enjoyed every word! My Tampa post was written about where I was waiting just around the corner from the VA hospital! My sister is an RN semi retired now but always worked in Pasco County. How nice to meet you! I will be following!

  5. Looks like you had a great time. I couldn't eat that much food in a week!