Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Mellow Yellows - My Perfect Martini - March 4, 2013

Is it because of my advancing years that time seems to be flying so rapidly?  
I can't believe that this past Friday was six weeks since my shoulder replacement 
surgery. My beloved friend, Charlene, called me this morning from Florida.  We
met over 40 years ago when we were both psychiatric nurses on a child-
adolescent unit in Tampa, Florida.  We have been lifelong friends ever since,
traveling here and there about the world.  Ironically, Charlene had a total knee
replacement on the very same day I had my surgery.  Thank heavens, we are both 
doing very well postoperatively!

I wish we could get together to toast our great success, but, Char, since it isn't
possible right now, my Monday Mellow Yellows post "toast" is to you.  We certainly
consumed a few Grey Goose martinis in the years of our friendship, straight up in 
fancy glasses, or over a few rocks - but always with olives ( many, depending on
the bartender - half a dozen, always, from our Royal Caribbean mixologists! )
and a bright cheery twist of lemon!  I sure do miss having one with you, my dear
friend.  You are one of the few people who didn't freak out when I said I wanted to 
go to India!

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  1. Cheers:) Looks delicious!

    1. Cheers to you as well, Jannibele!

  2. Cheers! I played too. Mine are here and here.

    1. Cheers to you. I wish I was sipping on a nice vodka martini right now!

  3. Perfect indeed!

    Animated Yellows
    Catching up with Mellow Yellow entries.

    1. I feel like I never get caught up!

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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!