Saturday, December 01, 2012

My Latest Trip Advisor Revier - Yoshi's Fillmore, San Francisco - December 1, 2012

Trip Advisor has always been one of my favorite resources for information on travel,
hotels, destination information, restaurants and the like.  I also write reviews myself,
and, recently, achieved the status of "Top Contributor" - you have to write fifty reviews.
You can check out what I had to say about Yoshi's Fillmore at the site:

Yoshi's Jazz House & Restaurant November 30, 2012
"Great food and Sony Holland as well - a real treat!"
I've often found the food at dinner theatres is not up to par but not so at Yoshi's...and the
drinks are superb.  I'd eaten there once before, again for a Sony Holland venue and both times,  I went to hear her sing, happily satiated with good food and wine.  Of course, it
wouldn't have mattered what I'd eaten, the sound of her voice makes life wonderful!

To get an idea of what I mean, check out Sony's website at: - you can hear some of her wonderful music ( and
husband, Jerry Holland's lyrics and guitar, as well )

Beautiful Sony at Yoshi's Fillmore, 11-18-2012

Jerry Holland, on the guitar, and the other guys in her terrific L.A. based band

If you haven't visited TripAdvisor, stop by there as well -
It's a great site.  Try writing some reviews and share your opinions with all of us!


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    1. I always enjoy doing these reviews, whether positive or negative and Trip Advisor is one of my main resources when traveling.

  2. When I got to the USA I will check your contributions. They will help me I am sure. Hugs my dear Carmen.


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    1. Dearest Val, I do hope that, when you do get to the US, especially if it's a San Francisco visit, it will be one of the times I'm home in San Francisco. I got back from India on Nov 16 - five months in Jaipur. I'm staying six months this time...since I have to greet my first grandchild, due in late April...& it looks I can no longer put off shoulder replacement surgery. I have pretty bad arthritis in both shoulders but my left one has gotten so bad, it is excruciating even when I am merely sitting. Looks like it will happen in Feb. I dread that but I am told it should make "all the difference in the world".

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