Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sundays in My City - A City Celebrates - May 27, 2012


I remember so well that day when, at eighteen, I first saw those golden spires ( well,
I think the color is actually international orange ) rise through the fog and, just a
short distance later, San Francisco gleamed in sunlight, in whites and pastels, in front
of me.  It was such a thrill and the bridge always gives me a thrill as it has every single
time in the last 35 years.  Sh is beautiful.  One must always have a camera on hand
because, if not, you're sure to miss an extraordinary picture.  Some days, this regal
bridge will be in complete sunlight, others, she is shrouded in fog.  Sometimes, she is
eerily wrapped halfway in fog, half in sunlight.  It's always a surprise as to what you
are going to see.

I have loved doing three cruises either to and from San Francisco and sailing beneath
the bridge.  I feel such a sense of nostalgia and pride as this beautiful sight either bids
me farewell or welcomes me home.


For this grand occasion, I'm including two famous songs about the city that is
home to the Golden Gate Bridge - "On a San Francisco High" which is sung by 
the lovely Sony Holland and written by her husband, Jerry Holland ( who 
accompanies her on the guitar ).

Of course, everyone knows, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" sung by the 
master, Tony Bennett.

I have always loved this picture of my youngest son, Alex and Jeremy,
who are now 29 and 27, with a foggy bridge in the background

San Francisco side, heading toward Baker Beach

Marin County side, viewing area

I am participating in Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City -
check out the site and join in the fun.


  1. Such beautiful pictures...

    1. I have at least fifty other pictures of the bridge but they are on my external hard drive packed away in storage!! Such a shame!

  2. The Golden Gate Bridge is a spectacular historic landmark. I hope to see it for myself one day.

    1. I hope you get to see it,'ll never forget it. I was so suprised, many years ago, on a Mediterranean cruise when we docked in Lisbon. I woke up that morning and there, next to the ship, was a bridge that is the twin of the Golden Gate. So, if you can't get to SF, maybe you can go to Lisbon.

  3. First Mami and now you - I miss that bridge!
    Happy bridge birthday
    have a good week ahead!

  4. Lovely views! Happy birthday to the Golden Gate bridge! Imagine if it could speak, the stories it would tell :-)

    And I loved the photo of the Mysore palace in your header.

    Love, Vidya

  5. Such an iconic bridge. Unknown Mami showed it today - - - and yet the pictures are so different both sets are just lovely.

    I understand why you love the picture of your son and his friend with the foggy bridge in the background! That is an awesome shot.

  6. Yes, happy birthday, Bridge!

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Happy Birthday wishes from Athens, Greece.

    And I did not know the song before ;) Please have a good new week.

  8. I love the photo of your beautiful boys in front of the bridge.

  9. It really is a visually pleasing city. The bridge is just the frosting on an already beautiful cake.

  10. i have always dreamed of seeing the bridge in fog, and they say each time i go to SF that most likely I will see it in fog, but maybe, each time I get there, I bring in the famous San Diego sun :)

  11. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Carmen - I love the bridge as well. Great picture of your son, I can see why that's a favorite.

  12. Greetings to you on this great occasion!

  13. It's a handsome bridge that many people around the world recognize even though they have never seen it in person. :)

  14. That is a wonderful shot of your boys and the Golden Gate Bridge. I have to agree it is an amazing sight to behold. I remember the first time I saw it, talk about being in awe. Peace to you and yours on this Memorial Day.

  15. That picture of the boys with the bridge in the background makes me want to cry, it is so beautiful and nostalgic. Great tribute to a beautiful bridge.

  16. All beautiful photos, Carmen! 75 years and more to come! Happy birthday Golden Gate..