Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is All the World Irish? March 17,2012

Today, all the world is Irish,
At least that's what they say,
 India seems warm and dusty,
And far from Galway Bay.

Even here in Mumbai,
I guess that is the case,
But tell that to my rickshaw man,
As he runs his dodge 'em race.

I actually have Irish blood,
Coursing through my veins,
And, today, I'm wearing green,
So pinchers, please refrain

I rarely drink a frothy beer,
Newcastle eludes me every time,
And Guiness I have never found,
Someone hoards them as sublime.

So I'll toast the Saint of Ireland,
With a lesser spirit choice,
And, along with all the Irish folk,
And newly Irish, I'lll rejoice. 

India's great on celebrations,
There are holidays galore,
They embrace those of all nations,
And seem to relish even more.

I've been often to the UK,
But have never seen that special isle,
Let's hope I'll sip some Irish whiskey,
And linger, sometime, for awhile.

Hope everyone  has or had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day,
depending on where in the world you are.


  1. Happy St Paddy's Day to you too!

  2. Have you noticed how Facebook has replaced blogging for many of us?
    Glad to know you're enjoying India.
    Hope you and I continue to stay in touch. We'll be heading down to Southern Cal. at the end of April. Will you be back in San Francisco by then? I'd love it if we could meet for lunch or tea...
    my email:

  3. I hope you've had a wonderful St Patrick's Day too, Carmen, and are feeling well again.

    My father always said, "It's an Irish mist that would wet an Englishman", and that's exactly the weather I'm having at the moment, damp and misty - in France. :)

  4. Hi - saw your avatar on another blog
    didnt know if you were on as you are away
    great to hear that you are enjoying your time
    cheers to all things green and Irish

  5. Hi Carmen, I read your latest updates in Facebook, I hope you're feeling better and enjoying your time in Mumbai. Have a nice day too!

  6. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Miss celebrating St. Patrick's.

    Please have a good Sunday and new week ahead.

  7. I did not know what have happened to you since never do not have the habit to follow FB, sorry about that.

    Somehow, have a nice Sunday, and happy St. Patrick's Day.


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