Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Henesy Does Henna - December 13, 2011

Henna is an ancient flowering plant used to die hair, skin, nails, leather and 
wool.  It has also come to mean the tattooing process using this dye.  Only
dyes from the mignonette tree are true henna.  Black dye or neutral  henna 
are not.

The henna plant is native to subtropical regions and grows profusely in
many of these areas.  Rajasthan, in India, has over a hundred henna 
processors.  This dye is used in festivals, celebrations, weddings, in the 
maufacture of perfumes and is in much demand, especially as the quality

Unbroken henna leaves will not stain the skin.  When leaves are crushed,
lawsone molecules are crushed and it is these that bind to the protein,
creating the stain.  For more detailed information on henna, check out

The U. S. had allowed henna to be used as a hair dye but does not permit
henna as a skin dye.  There are potential negative health aspects.

Henna art is really quite amazing and I was delighted to have a sweet school
girl come to my friend's house and show me an example of it.  She recently
finished a "henna course".  She only did one forearm and hand, front and 
back and it took nearly two hours!  That was almost five days ago and much
of it still remains.  She did not even want me to pay her but I finally won out.
Since I was decked out in red, I thought I could pass for Ruby Tuesday!

At least some of my mosquito bites will be covered up!

I have been a  feast for the mosquitoes...I hope they don't like henna dye!

Cleaning up the henna dye that falls on the floor after it dries.

The next day, after I scraped the dye off, I had this terrific bright 
orange color on my arms.  For some reason, the dye uptake is greatest 
on my palm.  I cannot imagine sitting for days, as some brides-to-be 
do for their wedding artistry.  Both artist and recipient need a break
every now and then to stretch and get the blood flowing!!

I still have henna left, four days later!!!

I am participating in Ruby Tuesday - check it out
and join in the fun!


  1. It looks good on you :)
    I've never tried henna before...

  2. The henna looks great but Holy Smokes you do have a lot of mosquito bites. Hopefully, they'll be leaving you alone soon.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Great piece of art.
    And yes, during summer months I can't sleep due to the many moscitios over here. A long breath, patience and a good Wednesday for you.

  4. How lovely!

    Late visiting for RT, hope you can visit my Ruby entry also when you get a chance. Happy holidays!

  5. The best things last for a short time. I want a tatoo that lasts one week only. Henna, I like that name.

    Hugs my friend


    Barcelona Daily Photo

  6. The henna is so cool. I want to have it done, too. Your blog on India just recall sightseeing trip to India where I went after graduation long ago.
    It was in March. The splendid contrast between vivid pink Bougainvilleas and earthlike remains are very impressive.
    I enjoy a lot the journal of your travels.
    I wish you delightful and safe travel.

  7. The henna design looks good.

  8. Wow Carmen, questo dipinto è bellissimo !
    Buona serata :)

  9. I've never really understood the body art thing, but the henna designs are very intriguing.

  10. Hello, RNSANE.

      Lovely your works, full of JOY!

      Thank you World-wide LOVE.
      and, your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❀

  11. How fun is that!!! I admire you for having the patience to sit through it but it looks very cool.
    Cheers, jj