Monday, December 12, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #151 - Indian Golden Oriole - December 12, 2011

About 7AM every day, I've had the most wonderful treat.  An Indian golden
oriole - not always the same one because there have been different sizes -
comes to our kitchen windows and stays for some time, allowing me ample
photo opportunity.  They are so amusing.  Clearly, they cannot see us through
the glass because I get close enough to put my hand up to them.  They peck
madly at their reflections in the window.  I will talk softly to them and they
turn their heads, as if listening to my voice.  I am totally mesmerized!  All too
soon, the cawing of the crows sends them off for another day.

The Indian golden oriole ( oriolus kundoo ), once thought to be a subspecies
of the Eurasian golden oriole, has now been elevated to its own species.  The
adult male is distinct from that species because of the black stripe on its eye.
It inhabits a large range of habitats. The Indian golden oriole is  migratory in 
some areas though many remain in India.

A bird banded in one area of India was found in another area nine years later!
The female bird lays two to three eggs but parenting responsibilities are shared
by both mother and father!!  Very nice.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the information on this beautiful Indian bird!

I am participating in Mellow Yellow Monday #151 -
add your yellow photo to join in the fun.


  1. It is beautiful, and what a long beak it has. So glad to see this little wonder from India.

  2. Just plain....WOW!!!!! Isn't he beautiful? Or should I say handsome. No, he's BEAUTiful.

    My Monday Post is: Holiday Golden Flame

    Happy Monday...have a great week ahead.

  3. Beautiful bird, such bright yellow.

  4. WOW, - this is great!

  5. Wow you are so close to this bird. Just gorgeous!

    Anything Small

  6. What an adorable little bird !

  7. He is just adorable and what a treat to see him first thing in the morning. Beautiful shots.

  8. What a beautiful bird, and you got nice pictures.

  9. It welcomes you to India.

    Don't you know?

  10. Josep -
    I couldn't have had a nicer welcome, than this sunny little bird!

    rainfield61 -
    Now, if I ever get to Malaysia, what, besides you, my friend, will welcome me there? I don't think I want spiders!!

    I feel a total sense of disappointment on days when that bird doesn't arrive outside the window. It's like the sun doesn't shine!

    HansHB -
    Since I am a great fan of the color yellow, this bird wowed me as well. There is nothing subdued about it.

    Sharkbytes -
    We should all be that lucky when photographing birds. It was right in my face and totally unaware of my presence.

    Rajesh -
    Have you seen this bird in your part of India? I am going out to get a cell phone today. You are involved in Rajasthan tourism, are you not? I'd like to talk to you about some travel plans, if possible.

    mary -
    That bird is so visible with its brilliant color. It rather concerns me since there are so many wild cats in the area and the Wikipedia article also says crows attack them and we have hundreds of crows around here.

    Gattina -
    This oriole is a faily good size...bigger than a sparrow - one day, the one that came was about the size of a quail.

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    I was amazed when I was looking through the website of Indian birds. There are some really spectacularly colorful ones. I hope I get to see more.

  11. You really got some great shots of this bird.

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  14. I seen this bird every day morning before 7.30am near in front of my
    balcony or near the tree intact today I had seen and try to get a
    long short photos when ever I seen this bird feel mind blowing and
    This is Shameem from Chennai part of India