Thursday, November 04, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday - "G" is for Graceful - November 4, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday - "G" is for Graceful - November 4, 2010

"G" is for graceful,
Something I'm not,
When God dispensed attributes,
That's not one I got.

My parents tried hard,
I wore ribbons and lace,
But I'd always end up,
Falling flat on my face.

They put me in dancing,
With dreams of ballet,
I couldn't even master,
 A basic plie'!

I worshipped Grace Kelly,
And fancied a life,
With a most handsome prince,
Taking me for a wife.

I tried out for sports,
Perhaps, tennis, I thought,
But, no, it was judo,
Where I fought and I fought.

And wouldn't you know it,
It was my destiny,
I wanted a daughter,
Three sons came to me!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c)  Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved

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Dear Followers and Fellow Bloggers -

Please forgive me for my absence for the past few days.  I was supposed to
be at a CA Sexual Assault Investigators conference in Napa, meeting up with the
best nurse buddies of my life, getting the 20 continuing education units remaining to
renew my nursing license in November, sampling lots of good wine, staying at the
lovely Napa Valley Marriott ( which my dear friend, Kris Bleything was footing the bill for )
and I was down for the count.  I haven't really felt well for a long time - wasn't even up to
par in New Orleans but we really didn't do that much partying and I slept a lot.  Since my
return, I've had the blah, achy all over, then Sunday, I felt like I'd been on a month long
trip to the fringes of a third world country, eaten a bad batch of frijoles and couldn't keep
anything down.  Napa was out of the question and I begin shivering violently - couldn't
even hold the mouse in my hand.  With the space heater next to me and under my heated
throw, I just couldn't get warm.  Turista, Montezuma's revenge, Delhi belly, all of them
combined seemed to be attacking and, for three days, I consumed nothing other than
sips of chicken broth, water, gatorade and jello.

Today, I finally made it the two miles to my doctor who looked at me and ordered all sorts of
labs including blood cultures and stool cultures and started me on Cipro and Flagyl for
ten days.  No alcohol on ten days with the Flagyl but, right now, if someone offered me a
bottle of Kristal, I think I'd upchuck.  The positive thing is that I've lost five pounds in three

The tremors have subsided a bit but I can't sit up for more than a few minutes.  The trip
to the doc nearly did me in.  Fortunatley I had my "G" post for Alphabe done last week.

I beg your tolerance and understanding in my absence from your wonderful blogs.  I will
get back when I can stay out of the bathroom long enough to write.  I love you all.



  1. Oh dear, that sounds terrible... Hope you get well soon.. Glad you still have your sense of humour regarding losing weight!

  2. I hear you. Even when there is just silence.

  3. happy diwali
    happy halloween
    hope everything will be
    good luck
    G for Game

  4. Loved your poem. Hope your feeling better soon.

  5. Hello Carmen! oh I feel so bad for you..I hope that you get better soon my friend. Sounds like you've covered all the bases. I loved your poem above...very sweet. Stay covered up and as warm as you can get. We'll all be here when you get back. Besides you have to get better before Thanksgiving time around the corner..

  6. Oh, Carmen, DO take good care of yourself. Health professionals are sometimes too apt to ignore their own symptoms while counselling others what to do with theirs.
    At least you are aware that something's wrong and you've been to see your doctor.
    Thinking of you. Oh, and I could really relate to your post. I have always been a total klutz and a failure at sports. No one even thought of judo when I was a kid. So I got a good chuckle out of your poem. Thanks!!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Dear Carmen- I wondered if you were sick. Sounds awful, and I hope you are all well soon and that it's nothing serious. I laughed out loud at your opening stanza!

  8. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Truth and honesty own grace on their own.

    Many getting well wishes and a good Friday too.

    daily athens

  9. Hi Carmen, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments. It's so nice to meet another fellow GRITS! My dad grew Scupernogs and Muscodine grapes along the fence in our yeard. My hubs and I made wine from them. We called it our high Octane "Hooch".
    I certainly hope you are on your way to recovery. It sucks being sick! Loved your "G" poem. Very creative. My poor daughter wanted a girl something terrible. Five boys later she is finally having that girl! Praise God! Come see me again!~Ames (Girl Raised in the South)

  10. You are back and that's the most important thing. I loved your poem and the way you get nude some of your feelings.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  11. graceful is a cute choice,
    so beautiful spirits in your words.
    keep shining.

  12. Wish you a speedy and complete recovery from all the sickness and a quick return to active blogging. My mother was also taken ill and had to be hospitalized couple of days back. Now she has recovered and is back home.

  13. Your G post was wonderful, because that is how I feel some time!

    I hope you will feel better soon, and just rest..don't worry about blogging.