Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The rickety bicycle rickshaw,
Slowly makes its way,
Down the Jaipur street,
On a sweltering summer day.

The weary driver will certainly,
Have to take a rest,
AFTER a day spent hauling,
Many a harried guest.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright Carmen Henesy September 16, 2014

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  1. Poor guy pedalling that rickshaw on a hot day with no hat to give him some shade. Interesting photo.

    1. It's funny, I rarely see the rickshaw wallahs wearing hats...and it does get sweltering hot in Jaipur.

  2. I have to try that out at least once, you find them now in some European cities too !

    1. There are also some around different areas of San Franciso. I've never ridden the bicycle ones but the auto rickshaws are my usual mode of transportation in Indian cities.

  3. The shadows are very short and he not even wearing a hat in the midday sun! You can imagine his back story that is not even considered by his passengers.

  4. Wow! You have visited the Pink City- Jaipur :)
    Lovely poem.
    The Rishaw-wallah needs rest for sure, as do all those who work hard :)

  5. amazing photo and subject... must have been so hot. As Oldegg said the shadows tell a midday story...

  6. Carmen, I am delighted to have you joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday! This was a wonderful post, I loved the image that matched your verse so well. I can't imagine such a job, to toil in heat, and yet for him it's just another day at work. He most certainly must look forward to the rest at day's end!

  7. That looks to me to be a very hard way to make a living.

  8. I just heard news how China is trying to invest in India, railway etc.
    Not very equal (like in Africa) but hopefully they make fare deals....
    Do you miss India? Planning to go back soon?
    Sunny greetings from Helsinki!

  9. Wonderful poem and photo. I love the romance of a rickshaw ride. It's difficult thinking about the tired driver. But he must be in great shape!

  10. That red rickshaw is a great capture for Ruby Tuesday Too!

    Hens Framed in Red

  11. A slice of hard life!

  12. Such hard work. I would need more than a rest after a day of his work...if I lived.

  13. Hi Carmen, I've been away for a while but I'm glad to be back to blogging. I've missed you and your beautiful photos.

    I hope you are well and enjoying your time in India. How long will you be there this time? And how is your beautiful granddaughter?

    In a million years I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a rickshaw driver. I yiyi. God bless them!

    xo jj

  14. I am going to try this again, Joanna. Sent you a long note which is now floating around in Indian cyberspace. It was great hearing from you.

    Monsoon rains seem to be over & it is sweltering. I am sporting mosquito bites. When I was living on the 7th floor in Bandra West, the critters didn't find me so easily. Here, near the drainage canal, they flourish. I am on malaria prophylaxis but dengue fever is always a concern.