Friday, June 15, 2012

Camera Critters #219 - A Party for Dogs and People - June 14, 2012

As I prepare to return to India on Sunday, for a five + month visit this time, friends have
been wonderful, inviting me out for lunch and dinner and one lovely lady really went all
out!  She hosted a soiree at her beautiful San Francisco home, with its stunning views and
treasured collections acquired from her world wide travels.  I only met her recently, thanks
to a dear friend who knew we both loved India.  The food was superb, as were the drinks
( we were even allowed to try her black Russian vodka, available she tells me, only in
Moscow - I must admit, I have NEVER seen black vodka before ), the music soothing
( the Indian sounds of Aarti ), the conversation stimulating and delightful.  As we chatted
and enjoyed the sunset views over San Francisco, the four canines in attendance, all very
well behaved, seemed to mingle well with each other.  One, however, snatched a piece
of Brie off my plate but, otherwise, we humans didn't have to share our food.

For some reason, the photos of the beautiful, shiny black Lab did not turn out well.
He was such a gorgeous dog!  I hope I see him again so I can get more photographs.

I am participating in Camera Critters. Camera Critters, #219

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  1. he is so cute, Carmen. oh, you're returning again to India this sunday? time flies quick. have a good flight and fun and safe trip, Carmen. I know how much you miss India.

  2. I'm a sucker for those gorgeous blue eyes!

    Hope you're all packed and ready to go. Safe travels, Carmen.

    xo jj

  3. It is "fun" to have these four canines staring at you while you are having your meal.

  4. wow...beautiful pups...i hope you have a great trip!

  5. You are off again so soon. Hope it all goes well. The dogs are beautiful.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. safe journey, and thanks for sharing .

  7. Beautiful little pups.

  8. The dog selected brie? Well, he has good taste. Have a great trip.

  9. Beautiful dogs. They look like they enjoyed the party too!

  10. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Gorgeous eyes! =)

  11. Beautiful dogs!

  12. What? You are going back to India? Or these pix were taken before your trip. They are beautiful.

  13. Again to the India? you are not a common person, you are a world citizen.

    Hugs Carmen


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