Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My First Day in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - The Umaid Mahal Hotel - January 31, 2012

My driver arrived to take me to the Santa Cruz domestic airport in Mumbai
at 5:30AM.  I was scheduled to head to Jaipur on an Air India flight at 8AM.
It was actually 11:38AM by the time we were actually airborne.  It's a good
thing I really like airports!

On board, a really nice young man sat next to me, a Jaipur native.  He and
I chatted throughout the entire flight of one hour and forty minutes.  What
a delight he was!  In addition, we were served an excellent vegetarian meal
( at no extra charge ).  Why has this kind of service disappeared on U.S.

I took a taxi to my hotel, the Umaid Mahal.  The driver, Lala, has become a
good friend as I hired him for the rest of that evening and all day yesterday as
well.  He will continue to show me about this wonderful Jaipur every day
until the start of the forensic conference.  I will transfer to the conference hotel
tomorrow as my friend and colleague, Virginia Lynch, arrives late the night
of the 1st.

My first Jaipur pictures are of the Umaid Mahal Hotel, the lovely heritage
property where I spent three days.  I can't even begin to say how much I loved

Hotel exterior

Entrance door

Stone elephants flanking the door

Beautiful archways throughout the hotel

Sitting in the hallway outside my hotel room

Hallway elephant

Hallway outside my room

My hotel room

Twin bedded room

Sitting area in my room

The beautiful trim that is everywhere in the hotel

Lord Ganesha, at the end of my hallway

Bar area lounge

Hotel bar

Dining room with screen

Some of the wonderful dining room staff...the buffet breakfast
every morning was excellent...with Indian and Western selections.

Hotel staff saying goodbye to me....waiter and two room stewards

The wonderful man who always greeted - and helped me - whenever
I would come and go from the hotel.

I have so many more pictures to post of Jaipur but my Tata Photon wifi connection,
for some reason, does not seem up to the task of uploading my photos!!!  It has 
taken me two hours to get these on the, I'll have to be doing more
frequent posts so you can see what I am enjoying in Rajasthan.  It is a delightful
place in India and I pray I will be back someday.


  1. I have a wooden elephant as a gift from my friend during the last visit to India.

    1. I bought a little elephant painting on silk...some elephant pillow covers...and a little elephant figurines to add to my collection.

  2. What a stunningly beautiful place, Carmen! I'm starting to take notes because we may - may - be going to visit India next year some time for an upcoming special anniversary. You have whetted my appetite. :)

    1. Oh, Sheila, you must visit Jaipur. I am going to be sad leaving here. Of course, it is quite different from Mumbai and Delhi...but that is its charm. There were several British couples at the Umaid Mahal.

  3. I just found your blog, and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Mike, thanks for visiting my blog...glad you liked the photos. I have been enjoying India for two months and have two months to go.

  4. gorgeous details and designs Carmen, so glad to see you enjoying your stay there.

  5. betchai...I want to stay two more months like I'd originally planned. I am not ready to go home, that's for sure.

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